Products used in sterilization operations safe; materials effective, internationally approved, says Dubai Municipality

Products used in sterilization operations safe materials effective internationally approved says Dubai Municipality

​Dubai Municipality has confirmed that the materials used in the disinfection and sterilization operations that are carried out in various parts of the emirate within the framework of the national sterilization program, are completely safe in spite of being products that contain chemical components in general. These materials are dealt with by specialized experts and they use them with calculated and accurate ratios as per globally approved measurements for the ratio of concentration of active substances, while avoiding high levels of concentration that may cause side effects on human health.

Sterilization operations are carried out by specialized teams who are highly trained and are aware of how to use these materials. The teams comply with the requirements and standards approved by the municipality that are compatible with the international standards in force in this field, taking into account careful application of all safety guidelines, product use methods, dilution and mixing ratios, and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to ensure safe use. All products used in disinfection and sterilization in Dubai are evaluated and registered in the “Montaji” system and they contain the same active substances mentioned in the lists approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Center for Antibacterial Chemicals (CBC) and are the same materials recommended by WHO as an active ingredient during sterilization processes. The public need to cooperate by committing staying at home during sterilization and disinfection operations in order to ensure their safety, and to help the work teams to perform the tasks assigned to them in a smooth and fast manner. This procedure is followed around the world because the presence of individuals in the places of sterilization may obstruct work progress and lead to delaying the completion of tasks and the reversal of the timetable set for the completion of operations in a manner that guarantees the entire society the highest degree of protection and prevention.

The Municipality has sterilized 226 areas with its facilities in the emirate with the support of 186 specialized technicians, in cooperation with its strategic partners. During the sterilization process latest equipment and technologies were used in accordance with international best practices in this field. The operation was part of the national sterilization program targeting public facilities and places within the framework of the preventive efforts to ensure the health and safety of all members of the community. The Municipality uses advanced technology in the sterilization operations, such as drones to enhance the speed and smoothness of these operations effectively and progressively. The specialized teams use the latest vehicles and equipment for spraying and disinfection, including spraying devices on vehicles that compress disinfection fluid into small particles, portable sprays that operate with hydraulic retail power, in addition to spray and fumigation machines.

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