Intensive inspection campaign Dubai Municipality withdraws 6 non-compliant hand sanitizers from market

Intensive inspection campaign Dubai Municipality withdraws 6 non compliant hand sanitizers from market e1587646227482

Intensive inspection campaign
Dubai Municipality withdraws 6 non-compliant hand sanitizers from market

Dubai Municipality withdrew six types of hand sanitizers that were proved non-compliant with the approved specifications, against the backdrop of an intensive inspection campaign to verify the safety of antimicrobial products, including hand sanitizers circulating in the local market.

A total of 102 samples of different sizes were taken from the products circulated in the market for the purpose of conformity tests and laboratory analysis. The tests showed that six samples did not comply with the approved specifications due to the presence of methanol, which is a colorless liquid with a pungent odor used as a solvent. It is highly toxic and hazardous to human health, and affects the nervous system, causes dizziness, headache, irritation of the skin and respiratory system, and causes blindness in severe poisoning cases. Those non-conforming batches of the products were immediately withdrawn from the local market and banned from trading, and these products are:

Coordination is underway with the local and federal health and governmental agencies in order to permanently ban the trading of the batches of these products from all markets in the country, and the Municipality emphasized the continued implementation of these campaigns periodically to ensure the circulation of products that are safe and compliant with the approved specifications.

Conformity of products
It is worth noting that Dubai Municipality evaluates and registers all antiseptic products and disinfectants, including hand sanitizers through its “Montaji” system, after verifying their conformity with the approved specifications, their effectiveness, and the ability to use them for disinfection, whether for personal or household use or establishments. The Municipality conducts accredited laboratory tests to ensure the safety of products and their conformity with approved specifications and to verify their effectiveness. In order to check the state of consumer products and their registration, it is possible to use the “Montaji” App on smartphones by scanning the product barcode using the smartphone camera, to enable the public to strengthen social control to report unregistered products, directly through the App as per the approved classifications in Dubai Municipality.

The Municipality urged consumers to report these non-conforming products through the Municipality’s toll-free number 800900 or through the Dubai 24/7 App or through its website:

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