Dubai Municipality celebrates World Intellectual Property Day

DG Dawood

Dubai, 27 April 2020:

Dubai Municipality organized a series of remote awareness workshops in conjunction with the World Intellectual Property Day, which is celebrated in April of each year. The workshops were aimed at discussing the role that intellectual property rights and patents play in promoting innovation and creativity and efforts to shape a green future. This year’s World Intellectual Property Day is being celebrated under the slogan, “Innovate for a green future.”

Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality stressed the Municipality’s keenness to enhance ways to support the green economy and intellectual property, in cooperation and coordination with the competent local and federal authorities.

He added that the Municipality pays great attention to protecting intellectual property and patents, in order to reduce piracy, as they are important factors that encourage investment, in addition to the important role that social awareness plays on the importance of intellectual property, in addressing the phenomenon of infringement of the rights of creators of ideas, especially in the era of openness of knowledge and information.

The remote workshops on IP also promoted awareness leaflets on WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), the importance of IP and the need to preserve it and not infringe upon it, because this is extremely important to society in general, and the national economy in particular.

It should be noted that during World Intellectual Property Day, many inspiring inventors and creators around the world are celebrated, who are betting on a green future and are working to find clean alternatives to old technologies based on fossil fuels and food sources and create better and more sustainable natural resource management systems, most of them more sustainable. All of them use the intellectual property system to support their businesses and contribute to their absorption and use in society to maintain a sustainable environment. It supports the growth of a long-term green economy, in order to enhance its competitiveness and the sustainability of its development and preserve its environment for future generations.

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