Dubai Municipality cleaners ensure 24/7 city sustainability

News 0002 بلدية دبي جهود عمال النظافة

Dubai Municipality cleaning workers are also on the front lines to counter the spread of the new Corona virus, Covid-19 as 1300 cleaning workers perform daily cleanliness of the city and public roads according to the highest levels of safety, public health and prevention. A three-shift system is being implemented to ensure the sustainability of the Emirate’s cleanliness around the clock. The Municipality believes that cleanliness of the city is considered one of the most important preventive efforts aimed at ensuring the health and safety of the community.

Dubai Municipality cleaning workers perform their daily tasks of cleaning and sterilizing as part of a special program to clean and sterilize the storage of different waste materials, pavements, main and branch roads, in addition to water channels, creeks, beaches, residential, industrial and commercial areas. The latest equipment and tools are used to remove waste from the roads, especially cigarette butts, masks, gloves and small waste.

The Municipality cleaning workers contribute to the national sterilization program and the storage container cleaning program by performing their duties to the fullest, amidst tight precautionary and protective measures, in coordination and cooperation with the strategic partners on one hand and the concerned bodies on the other hand. Emergency teams have been formed to ensure coverage of all areas in the emirate.

The Municipality is also keen on applying the highest safety standards during the transportation of cleaners during the period of the national sterilization program. Cleaning workers are transported by their Municipality buses after conducting all periodic sterilization of buses and maintaining a safe distance inside the bus and not filling it. Upon arrival at their locations, all the safety accessories are distributed to cleaning workers and ensure that they are aware of the healthy practices necessary to perform their duties safely with full professionalism and excellence. The general safety accessories provided for cleaners include masks, a personal hand sanitizer, a protective coverall and gloves.

Dubai Municipality also publishes various educational and community instructions through the social media and the Municipality’s website to deal properly with waste, with the aim of contributing to curbing the spread of viruses and diseases, whether for cleaners or the public. The Municipality is constantly working to educate cleaning workers through the members of the supervisory and control bodies, emphasizing the need to adhere to the use of personal protective equipment, to move away from gatherings, to keep safe distance between them and others, and to avoid leaving their accommodation after the end of the work time and they are always directly monitored in this regard.

In addition to that the Municipality is also educating the companies operating in the sector of waste transporting and recycling services about proper procedures in the current situation. Dubai Municipality also supervises cleaners in the private sector who perform cleaning tasks in some locations in the emirate such as industrial areas. It is worth noting the importance of public awareness on the need to adhere to tying waste bags and placing them in designated containers, and to avoid negative practices such as throwing waste through vehicle windows or spitting and throwing chewing gum and cigarette butts in public places or washing vehicles in the streets.

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