Cosmo Products Rumour


COSMO brand antibacterial products cause side effects.

The answer:

​In response to the rumour circulating about the Cosmo brand antibacterial products causing side effects, in which one of the consumers purchased the product and wanted to verify the authenticity of the news circulated on social media channels, the Health and Safety Department would like to issue the below official response in this regard.

The antibacterial products of the brand COSMO, which are traded in the local market are registered in the (MONTAJI) system, and their safety, effectiveness and conformity with the specifications approved by Dubai Municipality have been verified. Samples are also withdrawn periodically from the local markets for testing and conformity purposes, and to ensure that all product batches distributed in the local markets are identical. The frequency of the products monitoring and control programs for the purpose of ensuring communities heath and safety has been increased in line with the increasing demand in the markets for disinfectants and sterilizers.

We are currently working in coordination with the concerned company to verify the circular issued by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority and to check the source of the samples indicated in the circular, in addition to coordinating directly with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority in order to take the necessary measures according to the established procedures.

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