Dubai Municipality to highlight local environmental efforts at virtual exhibition on World Environment Day 2020

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Dubai, 04 June 2020:

Dubai Municipality has organized a virtual environmental exhibition on the occasion of the World Environment Day 2020, which falls on 5th June. The exhibition will shed light on the environmental efforts that have taken place since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, which focuses on biological diversity and thus contribute to enhancing the environmental work carried out by municipalities and environmental organizations all over the world during such an important global event.

The virtual environmental exhibition, organized in cooperation with the art4you gallery, will enable community members to enjoy seeing the paintings drawn by 15 international artists. The Municipality organized the exhibition, taking advantage of this environmental event which is celebrated by the world, to enhance awareness among societies all over the world and work to protect the environment and preserve biological diversity.

The Municipality called on the public to understand the importance of continuing to communicate with nature, as this experience takes them on a virtual tour of 60 paintings that express the local and global nature and embody pictures of wildlife and plants. This virtual tour, which is available to members of the society of all ages, will contribute to seeing all artworks clearly and accurately, as entry to the exhibition page is available throughout the day.

Dubai Municipality reiterated its constant actions and commitment towards the environment and nature in the emirate in an efficient and effective manner whatever the nature and magnitude of the current challenges are, including those related to the existence of a global challenge that threatens the health and safety of societies by the Corona Virus pandemic, as this comes from its concern to preserve the environment and natural resources for the present and future generations.

The operations to preserve the various environmental sectors, air, water, and soil, from pollution and erosion are among the most important priorities that Dubai Municipality is keen to promote and develop in line with national trends and the Dubai Plan 2021 visions.

The Municipality has been implementing during the past years an array of environmental initiatives and strategic projects to maintain air quality in the city of Dubai in a way that ensures the happiness of its people, residents, and visitors. The Dubai Air Quality Strategy 2017-2021, launched by the Municipality in 2017, is one of the most important initiatives that contribute to improving the air quality in the emirate.

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