Dubai Municipality continues sterilization and disinfection procedures in workers’ housing at farms in Dubai

News continues sterilization and disinfection procedures in workers

Dubai: Monday 13 May 2020

Dubai Municipality has carried out an intensive disinfection and sterilization campaign for workers’ housing in farms, in addition to monitoring the right practices of health and safety followed by workers and raised more awareness.

The campaign is part of a comprehensive plan prepared by the Municipality targeting different areas, including public facilities and private places and using innovative devices, modern equipment, and high technology. It is also part of the enhanced preventive efforts and precautionary measures to combat the Coronavirus pandemic aimed at preserving the health and safety of all members of the society.

Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality said: “Our comprehensive plan for sterilization operations in all areas of the emirate and the modern procedures to spread awareness on the necessary precautionary measures, in addition to other services during such circumstance is based on of the priorities of the government.”

Dr. Naseem Mohamed Rafee, Director of Health and Safety Department in Dubai Municipality said, the sterilization and disinfection campaign included different areas and farms and provided fieldwork teams of five working groups that have four monitors and ten workers.

“These teams carried out the procedures for spraying disinfectants and sterilizers, in addition to educating farmworkers about health and safety measures. The campaign included disinfection and sterilization of 1,338 farms in 16 areas in the emirate, and educating 5,776 workers. A total of 41,300 liters of sterilizers were used in the campaign. The sterilization process was carried out by specialists, so that the safety instructions, the method of using the product, the dilution and mixing ratio are followed in accordance with the safety and effectiveness requirements,” she said.

Mohamed Al Dhanhani, Director of Safety Section in Dubai Municipality, said sterilization and disinfection procedures have been applied for all workers’ housing in Hatta hospital, as they included all hospital facilities, workers’ rooms, and external areas.

Pointing out that all products used in disinfection and sterilization in Dubai are evaluated, verified and registered in “Montaji” system, which contains the same active substances mentioned in the lists approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the lists of the Center for Antibacterial Chemicals (CBC), which are the same materials recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as effective materials during sterilization operations.

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