Dubai Municipality launches Virtual Ramadan Tent initiative

Virtual Ramadan Tent

Dubai, 29 April 2020:

Dubai Municipality has launched an initiative called “Virtual Ramadan Tent,” which is a virtual meeting remotely for all employees of the Municipality from different categories, to replace the meetings in Ramadan tents that were gatherings of community members to talk about various social issues.

The Virtual Ramadan Tent, which is being organized in line with the exceptional circumstances that the world is passing through, is also part of a commitment from the employees of the Municipality with health directives and avoiding going out of the house and using electronic channels to communicate.

Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality is keen to attend this electronic meeting with the CEOs and speak with the employees about community topics in a Ramadan social atmosphere.

The initiative aims to enhance ways and methods of remote communication between the Municipality employees in an atmosphere close to the social atmosphere that society misses this year during the holy month, which is part of the blessed month of Ramadan.

The virtual weekly meeting aims to discuss various social and cultural issues, away from the working environment such as the impact of social distancing, how each of us can protect our family and society by staying away from them, motivating to do good deeds during the month of fasting, interacting with the “10 Million Meals” initiative and contributing effectively to UAE Food Bank initiatives.

A topic entitled “Dubai, city of the future” will also be presented to talk about the future characteristics of Dubai at all levels, discuss the challenges and current conditions and how to find solutions that contribute to overcoming them and achieve unique accomplishments, and support the efforts to ensure a better future for the coming generations. The virtual meetings will continue to be held during the coming weeks of this holy month.

It is worth noting the remarkable success achieved by Dubai Municipality in dealing with the remote work system, through the continuity of providing its services to the public, its response to service requests and reports on time, and the availability of these services through the various smart channels of the Municipality, such as the website, smart applications and e-mail. This embodies the standards of smart transformation, which the Municipality applies uniquely.




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