Drive Gum Rumour

drive gum

The rumour regarding the chewing gum that contains alcohol that has been shared across social media. It states that the energy gum named (Drive Gum) contains alcohol in high amounts where the person in the video read the word alcohol on the food label and concludes that eating 2 pieces of the gum will result in intoxication and warned of the product especially for kids.

Dubai Municipality would like to respond to the rumour below:

–         The ingredient in the chewing gum is sugar alcohol not alcohol.

–         Sugar Alcohol is a sugar alternative. It derives its name from its chemical structure and consists or hydrogenated carbohydrates that contain hydroxyl group with many of them considered allowable food additives (sweeteners) based on the Emirates Standardization and Metrology Authority standard (UAE.S192:2019). These includes Maltitol, sorbitol, xylitol, etc.

–         Sugar alcohols are not as sweet as regular sugars (table sugars and cane sugar) and contain fewer calories than sugar. Its taste is similar to regular sugars

–         Sugar alcohols do not breakdown from the bacteria present in the mouth and therefore does not contribute to tooth decay. It also does not turn brown or creamy when heated up like sugar

–         Excessive consumptions of alcohol sugars can lead to diarrhea, gas and bloating since it cannot be absorbed by the intestines.

–         This product is registered in Dubai Municipality and fit the standards

–         We would also like to remind the kind public that Dubai Municipality monitors and inspects all its local and imported food and on all food establishments to ensure the health and safety of foods for human consumption. Dubai Municipality would also like to remind the public not to believe and spread these rumours and to check its validity through official trusted sources and channels

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