Dubai Municipality centers resume services with comprehensive preventive measures

Municipality Centers reopening

Dubai, UAE 9 June 2020

Dubai Municipality has resumed providing its services in its branch centers taking all precautionary and preventive measures, in order to preserve health and safety of all customers and workers, and a comprehensive and effective preventive system was implemented to reduce the spread of Covid-19 virus.

All necessary supportive efforts are taken to ensure an optimal workflow and to provide various services to the public in accordance with the highest health standards in Al Kifaf, Al Manara, Al Twar and Hatta centers.

Preventive measures and procedures included frequent sterilization at all centers and offices, and applying social distancing by organizing movement paths for customers, closing all gates except the main entrance in order to manage entry traffic. Some categories such as the elderly, People of Determination and pregnant women are not allowed to enter.

In addition to that the temperature of customers and employees are measured by means of a thermal camera device, and a stop point is set to check the temperature, also making sure they wear personal protective equipment that includes masks and gloves. Sterilizers are provided throughout the center, and the security guards and cleaners are also educated on the hygienic measures. Safe distances are being maintained in between waiting area chairs, and stickers are provided to keep distance.

As a further preventive measure, Children’s Club, Senior Citizen’s Majlis, restrooms, prayer halls and non-operative service halls have been recently closed. A special room for isolation is provided. The centers are also committed to accommodate 30% of the total capacity.

All waiting chairs are being sterilized after each usage. The need to leave a precautionary space between the customer’s chair and the front desk employee has been indicated. In addition to that the Happiness Indicator devices are closed as a precautionary measure to prevent the transmission of the virus by touch. A piece has been placed to open the doors with the foot instead of hands. The center’s screens are used to publish prevention instructions. In addition to that the Smart Hall, the Bunyan Card and the Digital Identity devices are partially opened.

A group of inspection visits are conducted by the concerned officials of the Municipality to ensure the commitment to apply the various precautionary and preventive measures in a proper and ideal way in the centers, which reflects the constant concern of Dubai Municipality to put the health and safety of all customers and workers in the first place.

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