Dubai Municipality launches e-system “Dubai Here” for comprehensive geospatial information and maps

Dubai Municipality’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Center has launched an electronic system for maps and geospatial information called “Dubai Here,” which includes 2D and 3D maps of Dubai containing plots of land, asset information, landmarks and structures, starting from the master plans to the interior details of the buildings and the external green areas, parks, trees, bridges, tunnels and service lines, and even the access to the details of the commercial and residential units.

The Municipality is committed to providing the best services to customers in accordance with established and innovative international standards to develop technical solutions that allow the use of GIS in the decision-making process in a better way and also enhance the experiences of users in various fields.

The expansion of the GIS Center comes within the framework of the Dubai Municipality’s vision to make Dubai a happy and sustainable city.

Geospatial data and maps are considered an extremely important tool for making decisions and completing the business in the areas of city planning, infrastructure, security, and health, which contributes to providing smart services, promoting economic growth, anticipating the future, and increasing the level of international competitiveness and leadership.

The GIS Center aims to provide a Digital Twin for Dubai, which is a digital replica of the city of Dubai in the form of 2D and 3D maps containing all the assets, landmarks, and structures.

This digital edition provides all the information necessary for planning and managing the city and providing smart services effectively, especially after its enhancement with IoT technologies and linking them to real-time information.

To achieve this goal, the GIS Center recently launched “GeoDubai,” through which it provides distinguished services and support to government, educational and private entities in the field of maps and provides a comprehensive and updated base map for Dubai to support the implementation of interconnected engineering work procedures between all entities. It also coordinates and cooperates with all concerned authorities in Dubai to complete the maps and information necessary for the accomplishment of the Digital Twin and its continuous updating.

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