Dubai Municipality provides smart apps for animal sacrifice request

Dubai Abattoir

The Abattoirs of Dubai Municipality have started preparations to receive Eid Al-Adha in order to ensure that their services are provided most effectively in accordance with the highest standards. Cooperation is sought with a set of smart applications helping the public to purchase livestock without the need for the customer to visit the abattoir. Home delivery is also made available.

The smart applications for animal sacrifice request include “Al Mawashi” app, “Turki” app, “Shabab Al Freej” app and the “Dhabayih Aldaar” app. The animals are slaughtered under Municipality supervision in the abattoirs. Sacrificial animals can also be requested from charities such as Dar Al Ber Society, Dubai Charity Association, Red Crescent Authority, Al Ihsan Charity Association, Sharjah Charity International, Beit Al Khair Society, in addition to the UAE Food Bank.

The Dubai Abattoirs are keen to exert all efforts aimed at making the customers happy, and to provide high-quality services that are in line with their aspirations and needs, taking into account reducing waiting hours and speed in providing services. In addition to that the Abattoirs are also keen to implement all preventive measures aimed at preserving the health and safety of all members of the society, as the commitment of Abattoirs in the emirate comes with various health requirements in the first place.

It is worth noting that Dubai abattoirs have launched a set of initiatives aimed at motivating and encouraging members of society and various partners, livestock traders, butchers and meat distributors to use smart applications, in order to benefit from its multiple advantages and the smoothness of the services that are provided through it, in addition to providing ideally equipped places to prepare the meat after the veterinary examination, the slaughter of livestock, and the final veterinary examination in preparation for delivery to customers’ homes, without the need for their personal presence in the abattoirs.

This will also contribute in reducing the number of visitors to the service centers and enhancing the position of the Emirate of Dubai in the field of smart services, as well as contributing to environmental goals related to reducing traffic congestion which cuts short the emission of carbon dioxide (carbon footprint). It will also reduce the phenomenon of roaming butchers and enhance the standards of maintaining the public health of all members of society.


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