Dubai Municipality launches Bunyan Card

Bunyan Card Banner

Dubai Municipality announced the start of issuing Bunyan Cards for citizens of the country of 18 years and above. The initiative, under the slogan “We build happiness for a better life,” is aimed at bringing happiness for them through various privileges, discounts and offers in meeting their needs of building materials and home furnishings.

The initiative launched by issuing 22,692 cards to beneficiaries from all over the country, and approximately 182 companies have been involved in providing discounts.

The card reflects Dubai Municipality’s concern and keenness to spread the culture of happiness outside the surroundings of its internal environment, in order to establish the core corporate values in the various work environments, enhance loyalty, instill positive spirit and stimulate productivity and excellence, and achieve a balance between the professional and personal life of employees.

The project team in Dubai Municipality continues to work hard to attract the best offers from various establishments, especially those that relate to all household and building necessities and get good discounts for everyone who owns the card.

Bunyan Cards can be obtained from the centers of Dubai Municipality in Al Twar, Al Manara, Al Kifaf and Hatta, with a click of a button, as it is linked to the identity card. It is the first card that to be granted to every UAE citizen above 18 years without any financial liabilities, and it covers all segments of citizens, whether it is an employee or retired person, senior citizens or the People of Determination. The card will be granted to all citizens who require it to facilitate the purchase of their needs of building materials and home furnishings, at reduced prices, which brings them with a good financial savings to enjoy their lives and enhance its quality.

As the house is one of the basic needs for the formation of any family, Dubai Municipality decided to support the citizens by providing privileges and discounts in various fields related to the needs of their home such as lighting, decoration, artwork, electronic and electrical appliances, furniture, kitchens and wall cabinets, building materials, swimming pools, sanitary ware, maintenance, elevators, smart systems, etc.

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