Warsan Nursery uses 100% AI technology to produce flowers

DG visit to Warsan Nursery

Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality stressed that the Municipality is working to achieve the sustainability of the agricultural sector through the use of Artificial Intelligence technology by 100% in the production of flowers in the Warsan Nursery, which is the first in the Middle East with a double production capacity that uses the latest international technology according to an approved strategy to spread the green patches in the city, as 140,000 trees were planted within two years, at a rate of 5,833 trees per month in Dubai’s urban areas.


The production capacity of the Warsan Nursery is 70 million seedlings annually, which can be increased according to the plant species and the length of time required for each species.


The total area of ​​the nursery is 36.5 hectares, and 47 million seedlings were produced last year.


The Warsan Nursery includes many facilities, such as an automatic production system, which consists of a system for planting flower seeds and the production capacity of this system is 480,000 seedlings per day, and the “Thinning Plants” system, which specializes in seedling production with a capacity of 15,000 seedlings per hour.


There is yet another system called, “Pot Farming,” which is an independent mechanism dedicated to filling the pots with a production capacity of 2000 pots per hour, as well as the system of “Tray Washing” as this system washes and sterilizes the production trays at a temperature of 40 degree Celsius.

The Greenhouse in the nursery consists of mechanical cooling systems, desert cooling systems, a ventilation system and a lighting system, along with modern irrigation systems in which water is usually recycled, a fogging system, a nurturing system using an irrigation network, and the Curtains and Special lighting system for controlling light periods. All of these systems are operated in smart ways.


The Shaded Area for flower production is an area equipped with an irrigation system, called System Boom, at a total area of ​​50,164 square meters, divided into units devoted to placing automatic production trays for flower production. The area can accommodate about 22 million seedlings at a time with an annual production rate of about 64 million seedlings. The Cooled Production areas have a production capacity of 1.6 million plants at a time.


The most important features of the Warsan Nursery are the use of the 100% automated system in flower production, which is considered the first in the Middle East, doubling the production capacity using the latest international technologies and irrigation and fertilization systems such as the immersive irrigation system.


In addition to that there is an integrated training and qualification center in the nursery to support specialized agricultural training and qualification for professionals, workers and licensed agricultural companies in the Emirate of Dubai, apart from sustainable irrigation systems in which water is recycled to conserve natural resources.


The facilities and services provided by Warsan Nursery are considered one of the vital projects of the Municipality that contribute to expanding the percentage of green areas in the Emirate and the country by providing millions of seasonal and sustainable flower seedlings and caring for them according to the highest international and innovative standards in this field.


Dubai Municipality is keen on caring for the nursery within its understanding of its positive and important dimensions and its essential and pioneering role in the agricultural field in the Emirate. Dubai Municipality is keeping pace with the developments and innovations to contribute to enhancing the Emirate’s position among the international cities as a green city.


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