Municipality conducts 163 inspection visits to Dubai food outlets during Eid

Dubai Municipality has carried out 163 inspection visits to food establishments in the emirate during the Eid Al Adha period, and two of them were found violating the precautionary and preventive measures for Covid-19, in accordance with the Local Order on Public Health and Community Safety Law in the Emirate of Dubai.

The Municipality had organized several campaigns before the Eid Al Adha to ensure the safety of the most traded food and the commitment of food establishments to hygiene requirements that included markets, roasters and sweet shops, as well as a campaign on meat shops to prevent the slaughter of sacrifices there during the Eid. It also conducted follow up on the Eid activities in shopping malls, including Modhesh activities.

Dubai Municipality had developed an integrated plan for the monitoring of food establishments as the employees of Food Inspection Section were readied and prepared for Eid, to deal with violations that affect public health, and conducting field follow up visits to food establishments by forming working groups on a shift basis during the Eid holidays at locations of events and activities and in shopping centers throughout the day, with a view to ensuring the safety of visitors to these sites that are increasingly popular during the Eid holidays.

Dubai Municipality is keen on the necessity of the employees of food establishments adhering to the highest standards of personal hygiene, targeting food establishments that are increasingly popular with the public and visitors before and during the Eid period, focusing on all practices, the most important of which are the processes of food preparation, manufacturing, thermal preservation and also protecting food from external pollutants.

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