Dubai public parks and Frame received 85,600 visitors during Eid

DF Sunset

Dubai Municipality had issued a circular that included the precautionary measures to be followed in the stage of reopening parks and public squares, during which it stressed the need for all employees present to check the temperature, wear masks and gloves, respect the rules of physical distancing, and increase the cleaning and disinfection cycle for all areas of the park before and during work, and focus on all facilities, providing hand sanitizers in all public areas, and measuring the temperature of employees and visitors before entering.

Dubai Municipality also made sure that all visitors wear masks at all times and not allow them to enter without wearing them, in addition to determining a site for isolation in the park for use in emergency cases or the presence of suspected cases, and sterilizing and disinfecting all rented equipment after each use, and adhering to the principles of physical distancing leaving a distance two meters between persons and 4 meters between groups, and allowing a maximum of 10 people for each group of members of the same family or training teams provided that they are subject to temperature checking at the entrance.

Also among the precautionary measures were to allow visitors to enter the park, provided they undergo a temperature checking every time, and to prevent the use of tools and equipment available to the public, such as benches, water coolers and fountain.

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