Integrated policy for managing recycled water in Dubai

Dawood official

Dubai Municipality has developed an integrated policy for managing recycled water in the emirate that aims to reach 100% of the optimal utilization of this important resource, as this percentage has reached 91% so far. It has established networks and stations that ensure the efficient and effective distribution of recycled water, through which it achieves its strategic objectives in this field within the best standards and practices applied globally, as part of Dubai Municipality’s efforts to achieve maximum benefit from recycled water and help in national efforts to preserve water resources.


Green Areas

Dubai Municipality has worked over the past years to spread the green patches within the public areas in the emirate, It has provided an advanced infrastructure to support aesthetic agriculture projects, spread the green patches and ensure its preservation through the provision of advanced facilities, structures and technology such as modern nurseries and specialized agricultural laboratories, in addition to stations and networks of recycled and used water for irrigation and other industrial purposes.


Irrigation Networks and Stations

The Municipality has worked over the past years to establish more than 2,200 km of main irrigation lines and is currently working on managing this network that ensures the delivery of water to its users, whether aesthetic agriculture projects on roads and intersections as well as public parks, in addition to real estate developers and some farms, as this network distributes approximately 270 million cubic meters of recycled water annually, which are pumped through 240 pumping stations distributed on the main and external roads of the emirate and seven main booster stations, in addition to 205 purification stations.


Optimal Utilization

To ensure optimum utilization of all quantities of recycled water, estimated at about 750,000 cubic meters per day, Dubai Municipality develops plans and strategies periodically while ensuring that they are updated with any changes in the quantities of produced water.


Maintenance and Operation

The Municipality implements and manages sub-irrigation networks through its work teams for the agricultural areas under its supervision, which currently amount to 40 million square meters, through irrigation lines distributed over these areas with a length of more than 6,000 km.


Rapid Intervention

Some of the main lines are sometimes exposed to fractures as a result of the construction works adjacent to them and the movement of soil layers and due to the large size of these lines, some of which has a diameter of more than two meters. With the aim of avoiding damaging the equipment and networks of other bodies such as Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, telecommunications lines and civil defense, the Municipality established a rapid intervention team consisting of trained cadres and mechanisms equipped for such cases to shorten the procedures used in regular communications, as the response time was reduced from 80 to 30 minutes.



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