15 tests to check cloth masks in Dubai

Mask testing

The Consumer Products and Commodities Laboratory Section in Dubai Municipality’s Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) has developed an internal specification to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of cloth masks, which includes 15 tests, as part of its endeavor to strengthen preventive measures to confront the Corona pandemic.

Dubai Municipality began testing cloth masks since the beginning of this month. This specification has been prepared based on the best international practices in South Korea, Thailand, China and France. It is considered the first of its kind in the Arab world, as the specification contains explanatory instructions for the manufacturing and testing methods based on the latest international standards for the quality, safety and efficiency of textiles, which are used to manufacture these masks. The standard, bearing the number, “DM-DCL-SOP-CP-2028,” includes performing 15 tests on cloth masks to ensure that they meet the carefully developed standards.

The most important safety tests include checking the pH, determining heavy metals and formaldehyde, the air permeability, which is the “ease of breathing” test while wearing the mask, the quality tests such as checking the color stability for wet and dry friction, in addition to determining the percentage of shrinkage and expansion in the dimensions of the fabric after washing, determining the fabric’s lint resistance, the elasticity and strength of the mask ligaments, checking the efficiency of bacteria resistance in the case of masks that are made from treated fiber, testing the effect of washing more than once, and examining the absorbency property of the fabric used as an inner layer and the insulation property of the fabric used as an outer layer.

Innovative specification

Eng. Abdul Rahman Al Ali, Manager of Consumer Products and Commodities Laboratory Section, explained that the innovative specification confirms the necessity of providing instructions by manufacturers for using the mask and the method of washing and storing it, so that consumers are aware of this important information.

He stated that the World Health Organization has directed the governments of countries to encourage the wearing of cloth masks in regions suffering from the spread of the Corona virus.



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