Dubai Municipality, Dettol enhance children’s awareness on hygiene and hand washing

Dubai Municipality with new logo

Dubai Municipality, represented by the Children’s City, participated in the Global Handwashing Day celebrations on 15th October 2020, in cooperation with Dettol, as part of enhancing children’s awareness on the importance of maintaining hygiene and hand washing, which contributes to supporting the efforts aimed at instilling preventive concepts in future generations and ensuring their safety and health.

The partnership between the Municipality and Dettol also witnessed the release of a new 20-second song on handwashing, giving children the opportunity to participate and appear in the next Dettol video, through a competition that can be participated online by filming children washing their hands and singing side by side. The competition comes in support and to encourage children to follow the proper and ideal preventive approach, and to make them aware of the correct steps for washing hands.

Nyla Al Mansouri, Director of the Municipality’s Children’s City, said: “In Dubai Municipality, we are keen on strengthening partnerships with various government and private sector organizations, believing that it will contribute to achieving goals and accomplishments.”

Al Mansouri said the initiative with Dettol is an embodiment of the efforts aimed at promoting children’s culture with safe foundations and daily habits, which in turn contribute to ensuring their safety and maintaining their health, such as washing hands.

Stuart Lees, Marketing Director, Middle East of Dettol, said that in support of the efforts to overcome the current situation properly, it is important to educate children about healthy habits that must be adhered to in order to keep them safe.
“We are pleased to collaborate with Dubai Municipality and Children’s City in launching a new song on hand washing to contribute to educating children about the best preventive practices in a fun way. We hope all children and parents will support the Dettol competition and be part of this celebration that coincides with the Global Handwashing Day,” said Lees.

It should be noted that Children’s City is the ideal destination for children and their family members to explore and play within a framework that combines entertainment and education by obtaining useful and valuable information in an atmosphere full of fun and interest, which enhances the achievement of awareness and preventive goals with Dettol, as well as raising awareness on the importance of hand hygiene among the members of the society in all its categories.

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