Dubai Municipality closes and fines 25 food establishments in 45 days

Sultan Al Tahir

Dubai Municipality stated that it has fined and closed 25 food establishments within 45 days from the beginning of September to mid-October due to non-compliance with the precautionary measures for Covid-19. The Municipality had also warned 1,579 food outlets during the same period.

“The food establishments in the emirate have been showing a great level of commitment to the procedures and requirements set by the Municipality to confront Covid-19 during the recent period, compared to last month,” said Sultan Al Tahir, Head of Food Inspection Section, who attributed the reason to the increase in campaigns and inspection visits that Municipality inspectors make on a daily basis.

He explained that the Municipality inspectors carried out 10,141 field visits to food establishments in Dubai during the past 45 days, and found that 8,404 food establishments had complied to the procedures set by the health authorities to curb the spread of Covid-19 epidemic, while 25 food establishments were fined and closed for not adhering to the procedures.

Al Tahir pointed out that the most prominent violations that were detected were not adhering to social distancing, not wearing personal safety equipment such as masks and gloves while preparing foodstuffs, as well as not using approved sterilization and disinfection materials.

He added that the decision to close the violating establishments is temporary until the cause of the violation is removed and they rectify their conditions.

Al Tahir added that during their monitoring visits, the Municipality inspectors check the daily follow-up records of the health of workers, and the sterilization and disinfection operations record, in addition to making sure that food safety requirements are applied during receiving materials, preparation and storage of food, the prepared food items are displayed at healthy temperature, and the hygiene and sterilization procedures are applied, to prevent cross-contamination and pest control.

He pointed out that the Municipality checks all food establishments in the emirate with different activities, such as restaurants, cafeterias, cafes that provide food, groceries, supermarkets, and bakeries, as well as inspecting and monitoring delivery vehicles, to ensure that they are sterilized, and maintain food safety measures after delivery, and delivery boys change their masks and gloves after each order.

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