Dubai Municipality celebrates Global Handwashing Day with over 700 students and teachers

Handwashing Day workshop

Dubai Municipality celebrated Global Handwashing Day, under the theme of “Hand Hygiene for All,” by conducting workshops for over 700 students and teachers of the schools in the Emirate of Dubai. The day was observed as part of Municipality’s constant efforts to participate in raising awareness among different groups of people in the community about the importance of handwashing in preventing diseases and maintaining food safety.

The workshops highlighted the important role of handwashing, especially when touching food, since hands are considered the leading carriers of bacteria that can cause foodborne illnesses. These workshops focused on educating participants on critical handwashing times when handling food, in addition to the correct method for that.

More than 1,200 students participated in a painting competition held by the Municipality as part of the Handwashing Day, called “The Most Beautiful Handwashing Painting,” through which the importance of hand washing principles was promoted as an essential factor in disease prevention.

In addition, Dubai Municipality conducted a special awareness session for 120 food establishments to promote important hygiene practices. The Municipality also sent out basic handwashing safety tips to over 100,000 food establishments through the FoodWatch Platform to enhance the commitment to adhering to proper handwashing standards and techniques.

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