Dubai Municipality provides Emirates Airlines 6,800 tickets for Dubai Frame

Talib Julfar

Dubai Municipality has signed a partnership agreement with Emirates Airlines, as part of creating joint cooperation by launching a promotional campaign to introduce Dubai Frame as a tourist destination in selected countries in Europe, and to contribute to raising the rate of tourism classification line for Dubai Frame on the Dubai map for tourism in European destinations as well as to support tourism facilities in the emirate.

Eng. Talib Julfar, CEO, Infrastructure Services Sector in the Municipality said: “Dubai Municipality’s signing of the agreement with Emirates Airlines is an embodiment of its commitment to support and enhance the unique position that Dubai occupies in various fields, especially the tourism field. Under the agreement, 6,800 tickets to enter Dubai Frame will be offered to Emirates Airlines passengers, which enhances the promotion of the Frame as it is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the emirate that continuously attracts large numbers of visitors and tourists.”

The signing of the agreement also comes in line with the strategic foundations aimed at strengthening relations between the Municipality and the various parties to achieve common goals, and the Municipality’s belief in the importance of exploring all means that contribute to enhancing the happiness of visitors and tourists in Dubai and ensuring that they spend the most enjoyable times in the Municipality’s tourist and entertainment facilities.

It should be noted that Dubai Frame is one of the latest cultural, tourist and entertainment attractions in the country since its inauguration in January 2018, as it represents a prominent edifice that frames enchanting scenes and views of the old and modern Dubai within a “single frame” to form a bridge linking the emirate’s past with its thriving present. The most important thing that distinguishes the Frame is the upper bridge with a breathtaking technology, where the visitors’ path is designed using smart panels to be a transparent floor by simply walking on it, so that it gives the visitor the feeling that he is walking on the air, as well as enjoying a unique view of the area surrounding the Frame from the top.

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