Dubai Municipality wins MIKE Global Award for Knowledge and Innovation


Dubai Municipality has made a remarkable achievement by winning the award for the Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) in Middle East and North Africa. This award was given to the Municipality as a pioneering establishment in the field of knowledge management and innovation. Through the award, establishments are honored for pioneering achievements and contributions aimed at advancing towards global practices in knowledge management and innovation.

The evaluation criteria of the award included strategy, vision, leadership, empowering employees in the field of knowledge and innovation, establishing a culture of corporate innovation, investing in knowledge-based solutions and services, activating knowledge practices and systems to create new knowledge, understanding customer expectations, needs and experiences, providing creative and virtual spaces to create added value for the concerned groups, effectively building internal and external communication networks, and measuring innovation performance.

Dubai Municipality has shown remarkable achievements in these criteria in terms of capabilities and results, which won the praise of all members of the award committee, as well as the Municipality’s commitment to strengthening the innovation and knowledge system, knowledge exchange activities and spreading the culture of innovation in projects and services, in addition to the Municipality’s achievement of distinguished results in the field of measuring the impact of knowledge management and innovation practices.

The MIKE Award is an annual global award organized by the Global MIKE Study Group (GMSG), which includes global experts in effective knowledge management, innovative practices and identification of best practices related to how organizations develop and transform their knowledge into high-quality innovative solutions, products and services. Through this award, practices related to knowledge management and innovation are evaluated in various establishments around the world.

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