Dubai Municipality organizes virtual seminar to enhance efforts to preserve fish wealth


Dubai Municipality organized a virtual seminar to coincide with the World Fisheries Day, with the aim of shedding light on many topics in the field of preserving fish wealth. The seminar witnessed the presence of a group of stakeholders in this field at the local, regional and global levels.

Dubai Municipality decided this year to participate in the activities of the World Fisheries Day by organizing a virtual seminar, in order to preserve the safety of the attendees and to ensure that smart means are used to keep pace with this important occasion. The Municipality annually participates in the celebration of the World Fisheries Day by organizing workshops, seminars, exhibitions, field visits to fish markets and places of sale, competitions and other awareness-raising activities that contribute to raising awareness among the community, sea-goers and fishermen.

The fisheries constitute an important source of food and economy in the country, and from this standpoint, Dubai Municipality has set up a working mechanism in which fishing methods are regulated and equipment used for fishing is licensed to contribute to preserving fish wealth and the sustainability of its living resources.

The main topics covered by the virtual seminar included fish wealth in the emirate of Dubai, methods of protecting fish from depletion, challenges of fish stocks, fishing tools between the past and the present, alternatives to direct fishing methods and marine aquaculture.

Dubai Municipality is keen to enhance community awareness on the importance of preserving fish wealth, by publishing awareness leaflets explaining fishing methods and determining its times, based on decisions issued by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. In addition to that, it organizes many awareness sessions and seminars for school students about how to preserve fish wealth and the most prominent ways that contribute to achieving this goal.

The Municipality has also issued a guidebook for fishermen and fish sellers, explaining fish lengths and types and ministerial decisions in this field. These guidebooks are available in many languages such as Arabic, Urdu, English and Chinese and circulated to the public and participants in related activities, seminars and events, as well as distributed during field visits.

The Municipality also conducts tours and field visits to fish sale areas and fishermen’s councils, with the aim of measuring their level of awareness about preserving this natural resource and how to strive for its sustainability by following the stipulated laws and regulations and taking all precautionary measures that protect the fisherman, the seller and the customer alike.

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