Dubai Municipality to organize virtual environmental education program

Dubai Municipality with new logo

Dubai Municipality will be organizing the 13th session of its Environmental Education Program from 20th to 24th December virtually. The program, aimed at the public in general and students in particular from the age of 8 years, will be held this year for an hour every day during the morning shift.
The education program, organized in line with the Municipality’s strategic plan on the sustainability of the city’s environment by protecting the environment and sustaining its natural resources, aims to spread environmental awareness among young people on the most important contemporary local and global environmental and health issues, instill the spirit of volunteer work in them and introduce them to the local environment and its most important features and the local environmental heritage.
It will also help to build and promote positive environmental behaviors that contribute to preserving the environment, develop thinking skills and creativity among the participants and providing them with various life skills, in addition to making use of the students’ spare time during the end of the first semester with useful and enjoyable programs.
The program is also aimed at enhancing and developing the services of the Municipality for different categories of customers, and linking them to their local environment and the natural reserves in the Emirate of Dubai.
Environmental education is considered a very important matter as it helps to better understand the environment and to shape the values and behaviors that we carry out on a daily basis that greatly affect the environment.
The sound environmental awareness is the basis on which decisions are made in view of preparing a conscious generation that contributes to preserving the environment. Therefore, the Environment Department organizes this environmental education program annually, in order to prepare young people to make sound decisions that contribute to preserving the environment.
The program will include environmental and health educational lectures in an interesting educational format, a workshop and a video presented by the Etihad Museum in the Emirate of Dubai that talks about the Ghaf tree and its importance and how to preserve it.
Environmental workshops on a variety of soil and its components with an explanation of soil layers by showing films related to it will be presented by the Soil Museum. Virtual visits and trips to various environmental sites will also be organized in order to provide participants with life skills and to satisfy their passion for exploration.
A virtual visit to the natural reserves in the emirate is also planned to introduce their importance to the public by mentioning the animals and plants that exist within the natural reserves. In addition to that another virtual visit will be organized to the environmental corner in the Children’s City. The participants can also witness virtual environmental workshops and the presentation of a film on Earth science, in addition to a virtual visit to the Atlantis Hotel, which will show the fish hospital and aquarium there and details of how the fishes are treated and how they are reproduced.
The program includes a number of topics that will be focused on through the theoretical side by providing lectures and information related to them, as well as the applied practical side through virtual visits and trips to environmental sites.


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