1,303 new food outlets opened in Dubai in 2020

Sultan Al Tahir

Dubai Municipality revealed that 1,303 new food establishments were opened during 2020 in the emirate, at the rate of 3.5 establishments per day.

Sultan Al Taher, Director of Food Inspection Section at Dubai Municipality, said that the total number of food establishments in the Emirate of Dubai at the end of last year reached 19,259, which is expected to reach 20,000 before the Expo, which starts in October next.

The increasing number of new food outlets in Dubai is due to the fact that the emirate enjoys enormous global reputation and great confidence among investors, in addition to consumers’ confidence in the regulatory authorities that ensure the health and safety of food in the emirate. The food safety system in Dubai is distinguished by being a smart system, which has made the emirate one of the best cities in the world in this field.

Many international food outlets want to open their branches in Dubai, or start practicing their food business in the emirate, and the reason for this increasing global interest in this field is the procedures and laws that provided all facilities for the process of trade exchange, and the growing confidence between different sectors and investors.

When the year 2020 witnessed the spread of Covid-19 pandemic in various countries of the world, Dubai took all necessary preventive and precautionary measures, which strengthened its position as one of the safest and most secure cities in the world, which confirms its commitment to ensuring the health and safety of its residents and visitors that comes at the top of its priorities.

The Dubai government has also provided support to the economic sectors, through economic stimulus packages, to ensure business continuity and sustainability, and succeeded in the gradual return of economic life, with the directions of the wise leadership in the continuation of life, and the achievements continued with a new spirit, different thinking, and a more flexible work style.

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