Dubai Municipality wins DuPont award for sustainability and treated water reuse

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Dubai Municipality won the DuPont Safety & Sustainability Award in the sustainability criterion in the Global Winner category. The Municipality received the award, organized by DuPont Sustainable Solutions, for its initiative, the Integrated and Sustainable Program for Recycling of Treated Water in Dubai in the Jebel Ali Sewage Treatment Plant.

The winning initiative aims to enhance sustainability standards in the field of treated water reuse, as the production capacity for wastewater treatment was raised from 300,000 cubic meters per day to 675,000 cubic meters per day, in addition to rationalizing energy consumption by 25% of the operational cost. The possibility of removing phosphorous from the wastewater, which prevents the algal blooms, necessary for the wastewater treatment process in the plant’s lakes, has also been realized.

Winning this award at the global level comes as a pioneering step for Dubai Municipality in the field of implementing and operating vital projects, in line with the internationally approved concepts of sustainability, in addition to being a great incentive to pursue knowledge, study and learn from international best practices, which confirms the Municipality’s keenness to embody the limitless government support for the important and vital projects that enhance the unique position that the emirate occupies in various fields and sectors.

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