Dubai Municipality wins pioneering award in contracts and procurement

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Dubai Municipality has won the CIPS Middle East Supply Management Award in the Public Procurement category, organized by the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply.

The Municipality’s winning initiative, “Agile Procurement for lasting value through benchmarking,” aims to improve customer experience, solve the issues they raise and enhance their satisfaction level as well as re-engineer and design contract processes in line with Dubai government strategies of digital transformation and paperless transactions, by developing systems and reducing human interference in the implementation of operations and providing services.

The winning initiative focused on reducing the time for the contractual journey with suppliers while maintaining the quality of the process, in addition to identifying the current processes used to complete service contracts and focusing on improving decision-making processes in the relevant committees, in addition to working to obtain the ISO BS95005 certificate for public procurement.

Through this pioneering achievement, Dubai Municipality was classified as the first government agency in the UAE to obtain this type of accreditation, as innovation in this project was not limited to services or costs only, but also highlighted the importance of supporting employees, their creative ideas and leadership values, through an accurate understanding of the needs of those involved with the aim of meeting those needs and overcoming obstacles to reach better results.
In addition to that Dubai Municipality is keen to continuously monitor the means of development, as more than 33 improvement practices have been implemented aimed at ensuring that procurement meets business objectives, in addition to conducting 20 analytical studies aimed at finding effective and innovative solutions. This resulted in reducing the contract period from 210 days to 33 days and rationalizing associated expenses, equivalent to Dhs82 million annually.

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