Dubai Municipality honors creative ideas

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Dubai Municipality has submitted 170,267 ideas it received through its unified Suggestion Scheme and the Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Council from its beginning in 2008 until 2020. Out of them 17,545 were feasible ideas, through which, the scheme has so far achieved financial savings amounting to approximately Dhs105 million.

The Corporate Suggestion Scheme is a program in which all entities, including employees, customers, partners, and community members participate, with the aim of improving and innovating all of the Municipality’s work, and this is one of the most important pillars of the innovation charter that was launched to adopt the foundations and practices of innovation in the Municipality.

Many lessons have been learned at the Municipality level in terms of creating a spirit of competition between all groups, merging ideas, posing challenges and opportunities to find innovative solutions in different ways, encouraging creativity and development, moving away from routine methods of implementing tasks, and using the simplest innovative methods of providing services, or adding new services to raise their level, and encouraging access to the latest experiences, technologies and practices. As a matter of concern for the customers and community members, the ideas received from the Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Council are adopted, to focus on them and quickly respond to them and not be repeated by the Municipality’s employees in another system, which reduces the time allocated to responding to ideas, evaluating them and applying ideas that can be used.

The Suggestion Scheme began in 2000 in the Municipality with the aim of laying down foundations, procedures and systems that encourage the submission of suggestions and be a tool and means to stimulate creativity and attract ideas with appreciation of the contributors.

The Municipality has created policies and methodologies to manage ideas, innovation and knowledge in the Municipality, and through the incentive and honoring system in the Municipality with the aim of stimulating creativity and attracting innovative ideas that will continue developing and improving working methods, systems and procedures in the Municipality and the quality of the services it provides.

Every suggestion is a new idea for development and innovation, whether it is a method of work, a system or a procedure, so that it results in practical benefits that have remarkable positive results in any field of investment of material and human resources, such as raising the happiness of customers, the quality, efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of work and work environment and other areas related to the Municipality’s tasks and specializations.

The principle of positive participation for all by highlighting potential energies and creative ideas, contributing to increasing revenues, rationalizing expenditures, saving time, effort and money, encouraging the spirit of cooperation by providing the opportunity to benefit from everyone’s experiences and ideas, simplifying procedures, shortening time, speed of response, and improving corporate performance and activating the participation of the various community elements in the processes of improving the services available in the city, and achieving the happiness of employees and customers.

Dubai Municipality organized a special virtual ceremony to celebrate and honor the owners of creative ideas with material results, whether by increasing revenues or rationalizing the expenses of the Municipality or ideas with moral or creative results related to ideas to address the Covid-19 pandemic.

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