Dubai Municipality confiscates huge quantities of tobacco and pan products

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Dubai Municipality has carried out intensive campaigns on stores and warehouses that sell tobacco and its products in the emirate to verify their commitment to the approved health and safety controls and requirements.

In coordination with the Federal Customs and Tax authorities, more than 416,744 packs of cigarettes that do not conform to the approved UAE specifications and do not bear a digital tax stamp were confiscated in one of the warehouses located in the Ras Al-Khor area. In the same warehouse, more than 26 tons of banned pan products were confiscated.

The inspection campaign was carried out due to the Municipality’s concern for the health and safety of the society and in pursuit of achieving the strategic public health objectives of the Emirate of Dubai and also within its control programs to ensure the safety of consumer products circulating in various classifications.

The tobacco products have been confiscated by the Federal Tax Authority, and the seized pan products have been destroyed in accordance with the procedures followed in Dubai Municipality, in addition to issuing fines to the violating establishments in accordance with the legislations in force.

Dubai Municipality reiterated that the monitoring and inspection on all relevant establishments in the emirate will continue to find out environmental health violations that pose a threat to the health and safety of the society.

Dubai Municipality also called on the public to report violations or send remarks in this regard through direct communication with Dubai Municipality through its toll-free number 800900 or through other communication channels through the unified “Montaji” App of Dubai Municipality.



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