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Dubai Municipality Awards 2000

Selection of HE Director General of Dubai Municipality – 2000 (as Good Will Ambassador of the United Nations Center for Human Settlements – UNCHS, Habitat)

Following the approval of His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, His Excellency Qassim Sultan, Director General of Dubai Municipality, has been chosen as the Good Will Ambassador of the UNCHS in recognition of the distinguished role he played over the past 15 years in establishing a pioneer model of urban development in Dubai. The model has got international acclaim and many international organizations have recognized this role. HE Sultan has already got the UNCHS medal for being the moving force behind organizing the largest conference of the Habitat II Award in 1995.It was in this conference the famous Dubai Declaration was born, which led to the setting up of the Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment, which has already become famous world-wide thanks to its noble objective and outstanding value.

Membership in the United Nations Advisory Committee on Local Authorities – UNACLA 2000

The Director General of Dubai Municipality was chosen as a member of the United Nations Advisory Committee on Local Authorities UNACLA, which is a subsidiary of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme and consists of 20 officials from around the world.

Writing, Ascertaining or Translation Award – 2000

Dubai Municipality won this award, instituted by the Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities, in the category of organization and municipal legislations during the organization’s ninth conference in Cairo, February 2001. The award went to a traffic awareness guide prepared by the Municipality to educate the public on significant traffic issues with the prime objective of reducing the city’s traffic congestion and ensuring a smooth traffic flow.

Arab Housing and Urban Ministers Council Award for the Best Housing Project – 2000 (Arab League)

Dubai Municipality has won this prestigious award, which was instituted by the Arab Housing and Urban Minister Council, a subsidiary of Cairo-based Arab League, for an outstanding government housing project in Hatta. The award was presented to Dubai Municipality during the 18th congress of the council, which was held in the Egyptian capital. The project, a residential complex of 88 houses, represented the second phase of an ambitious plan to replace old houses in the Hatta heritage area of the Emirate of Dubai with modern housing units matching the beautiful surroundings and the local mountainous environment.

Innovation Award – 2000

Dubai Municipality’s Public Parks and Horticulture Department won this ward during the Dubai Shopping Festival 2000 for staging the internationally-acclaimed Disney on Ice show. This was one of the largest shows organized by a government department in Dubai.

The Award of Dubai Government Excellence Programme – Excellent Employee in Specialized Jobs Category

Dr. Hamid Ibrahim Hattal, Planning Specialist at the Planning Studies Section, won this prize in the area of urban planning and his contributions in preparing the Dubai Structural Plan. Dr. Hattal is also known for being creative, productive and taking initiative in his work. He always keeps good relations with his colleagues and participates in all events organized by the Municipality. He also shows a great deal of responsibility towards developing and improving the services provided by his department.

The Award of Dubai Government Excellence Programme – Excellent Administrative Experience Category

The Food Control Section of the Municipality won this award. The award winning experience is the inspection process on food establishments using portable computers whereby the municipality linked all activities of the Food Control Section using computers in harmony with the municipality’s drive to make use of the latest technology for the benefit of the society. This experience helped increase the standard of public health in various food premises and reduce the number of food inspectors required for the large number of food establishments in the emirate. This enabled the inspectors to reduce mistakes in preparing the reports, prepare electronic reports and connect the work of all units in a faster and more efficient way.

The Award of Dubai Government Excellence Programme – Excellent Working Team Category

This award was won by the project team of the Hatta Rural Development Project. The project was considered as a role model in terms of coordination and cooperation among members of the team who worked with team spirit, not only on inter-departmental level but also on departmental level.

The Award of Dubai Government Excellence Programme – Excellent Technical Project Category

Dubai Municipality won this award for the Jebel Ali Hazardous Waste Treatment Plant, which is the first of its kind in the UAE and the entire Gulf region. It is regarded as a pride to the emirate and will play a very important role in containing the future risks of hazardous waste on environment and society.

The Award of Architectural Buildings with local aesthetic value – 2000 (Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities)

This award, which comes under the category of Municipal Projects and Services, was won by Dubai Municipality for its ambitious Hatta Heritage Village project during the ninth conference of the Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities (OICC), which was held in February 2001 at Cairo. The municipality was cited for discovering the mountainous heritage village of Hatta and restoring it in two phases at a total cost of Dhs 15 million. The village has now become a major tourist attraction.

Sheikh Mubarak bin Mohammed Al Nahyan Award in the Field of Natural History

The head of Dubai Zoo received the award from the Emirates Natural History Group in recognition of his work to create awareness and help conserve the biodiversity of the UAE. Dr Reza Khan received the Sheikh Mubarak bin Mohammed Al Nahyan Award which is presented annually to those who have contributed to scientific research and publishing in the UAE

The winner is selected from a list of nominations submitted by members of the Natural History Group in Dubai, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi, Dr Reza Khan was selected for his outstanding work, especially on trees and reptiles, along with the professional development of Dubai Zoo through projects such as the breeding of indigenous species from the UAE.

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