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Dubai Municipality Awards 2004

Mohammed Bin Rashid Awards for Young Business Leaders

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Young Business Leaders launched the “Mohammed Bin Rashid Awards for Young Business Leaders” in 2003 for rewarding exceptional entrepreneurs within the local community of the U.A.E. This distinguished awards program is the first ever in the United Arab Emirates aimed at creating a competitive environment amongst the young entrepreneurs of the UAE and the Arab countries. The program also recognizes those individuals and organizations who have aided in the development of the entrepreneurs in the UAE.

The Organisation of Islamic Capitals and Cities Award 2004 for City Beautification and Landscaping Project in Dubai

It was awarded to Dubai Municipality in recognition of the efforts exerted by the Public Parks and Horticulture Department for landscaping and beautifying the city’s streets, parks, public squares and highways in various designs that is in harmony with the local environment.

The Award of Dubai Government Excellence Programme – Distinguished Technical / Engineering Employee

Awarded to Mr. Khalid Al Zahed

The Award of Dubai Government Excellence Programme – Distinguished Female Employee Category

Awarded to Miss Amina Ahmed Mohammed, Head of Food & Environment Laboratory Section of Dubai Central Laboratory, for her contineous effeorts in the Lab’s development. She has also introduced new tests using the latest biotechnology and analytical techniques and instrumentation. She played a crucial role in getting the Lab accredited by the EU commission in List No.(1) for fish exporting countries and for her representation of the U.A.E in the United Nations Codex Alimintarius meetings.

Sharjah Government Award for Voluntary Work

Dubai Municipality was awarded the Sharjah Voluntary Work Award in 2004 in recognition of its massive campaign, “Clean Up The World,” organized by the Waste Services Section every year. This campaign has been receiving tremendous response from the public including citizens, expatriates, students, voluntary organizations, NGOs, government and private establishments, who come out to clean up their premises thereby protecting the environment from pollution and enhancing the environmental and hygienic standard of the places they live.

The Award of Dubai Government Excellence Programme – Excellent Employee in Financial Position Category

This award was conferred on Ms. Majida AbdulAziz Al Suwaidi of Finance Department, who has shown an outstanding productivity through supervising an integral methodology to prepare, execute and monitor DM budget (2.9 billion expenses, 2.4 billion revenue). She was a member of GRP project and attended 55 workshops. Besides, she conducted several training courses in order to qualify the end-users. Moreover, she participated effectively in achieving high performance measures in Finance Dept. especially the break-even between expenses and revenue in 2004 and 100% nationalization.

The Award of Dubai Government Excellence Programme – Distinguished New Employees Category

Muna Obaid Al Dhabbah of Administrative Development and Quality Department has won this award having established herself as a committed and proactive team member who is always on the look-out for what is better for the work and the work place.

The Award of Dubai Government Excellence Programme – Excellent Technical Project Category

DUGIS of GIS Center has bagged this award as one of the Best Distinguished Technical Projects in 2004 As an Integrated Geographic Information System portal, DUGIS offers powerful capabilities in an easy to use framework and it helps in considerable savings in government expenses. DUGIS takes Dubai government departments from using informative GIS to integrated GIS.

9th Middle East ICT Excellence Awards 2004

The 9th Middle East ICT Excellence Awards was presented at a high profile ceremony with guests including the most professionals in regional and international e-Government and public sector ICT on May, 21st 2004, and the Dubai Municipality won an award in the Excellent e-Government Project for Municipality Services.​

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