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Dubai Municipality Awards 2009

Middle East Award for Excellence in the International Competition for the Governmental and Economic Institutions

The winners of the Middle East Award for Excellence in International Competition for Governmental & Economic Institutions were honored on 16/6/2009. The Municipality was also honored in respect of the official sector. The award was received by the Assistant General Manager for Health & Environment Affairs Mr. Abdullah Rafie’.

International awards for sustainable evnironment projects

Awarding encourages the approach of the best practice, creation and pioneer leadership in providing lively and environmentally sustainable societies to improve the citizens life, as participating in The Livcom Awards features the society internationally, and provide the opportunity to be taught by the worldwide societies about the best international practices in the field of environment, landscapes and heritage management, boosting societies and progressive planning. This award is a result of efforts made by the department personnels to get acquainted with the best international practice in all the work fields, making them the basis of futuer planning, and contributing in the country highness, putting it at the class of the developed countries, which level it deserves. We are honored to gain this valuable award, due to the approach adopted by Dubai Government and its departments, enlightened by the vision of our wise leadership which always encourages us to be nationally and internationally excellent.

Palladium Balanced Scorecard Award

This award is considered of the most deep-rooted and greatest specialized awards that was added to the Municipalities’ achievements for the year 2009. This international award was launched in 2000 under the chairmanship of the founder of the balanced performance cards Dr. Norten and Cables which was established for distinguishing the organizations adopting the strategic concept based on performance and outcomes in the near and far future. This award accommodates more than 120 international organizations till the year 2008. The organizations winning this award are classified among the best international practices in this field, which experiment shall be published in many conferences and international research and academic websites. Also, the organizations winning this award are called the organizations that are adopting the strategic concept based on performance & outcomes. It is worth mentioning that the concept of the balanced performance cards was applied in the Municipality since several years which passed through many stages until it became an example to be followed suit in implementing this strategy. Thus, it was easy for us to apply for this award without soliciting the assistance of foreign consultants due to the Labor Institution and according to the balanced performance cards in Dubai Municipality as it is considered as one of the original elements of the strategy implementation mechanisms and tools over several years.

Award of Dubai Statistics Center -Category of the official department supporting the statistic work-

In appreciation to the efforts exerted by Dubai Municipality in supporting the statistic works and the results of our outstanding cooperation with Dubai Statistics Center, a ceremony was organized by Dubai Statistics Center on 5/5/2009 at the Major Festival Hall held at Dubai Police Officers Club, where the award of the category of official department supporting the statistic work was awarded).

Tijari Award

Dubai Municipality was selected as one of the “Commercial” Club leaders for establishing the Excellence Center consisting of the member companies in “Commercial”, which was distinguished for using the electronic business. Regarding that the Municipality was successful for adopting measures in the field of applying the best international practices in the electronic purchase operations.

Architecture Magazine 2009 award for best reparining project at middlbe east level

Dubai Minucipality won the award of best reparining project thorough presenting the middle east architecture award, regarding repairing the house of Mr. Mohammad Shareef, who is considered one of the prominent scholars in Al-Bastakiey area. Whereas the middle east architecture award is considered as international gathering for architecture engineerings at middle east level.

Best Arab E-government Portal Award in the UAE

Dubai Municipality’s winning of the Best Arab E-government Portal Award in 2009 comes as a compliment to its constant efforts in the march towards e-transformation, which it started in 2000 and also is part of constantly maintaining a pioneering status in the stiff competition among the official bodies and governments of Arab nations that include the websites of ministries, government authorities, official bodies, Arab parliaments, ministerial councils, governorates, states, municipalities, security and military establishments. \

6th Middle East Award for Executive Personalities

Datamatex has awarded the Middle East Award for Executive Personalities that played an outstanding role in developing the successful leadership culture concept, and creative and excellent performance in government institutions.

Architecture heritage department in dubai municipality is awarded with cultural heritage award in city skip 2009.

Architectural Heritage Dept in Dubai Municipality won the cultural Heritage Award during distributing City Skip Properties Awards for 2009, which award is considered as one of the moral awards celebrating excellence in the sector of real estate development and investment.


The institutional distinction management has won the award of actuate performance management excellence awards for the entire institution level. This award is launched by Actuate Company, which has the largest base of institutions using its electronic programs that apply the institutional performance standards, performance indication management; and this can be considered as another sign of the municipality competence and distinction in this vital field which became an essential requirement for distinction to any institution seeks to has an effective rule in the progress of Dubai emirate under the wise rule of his Excellency sheik Mohammad Bin Rashed Al Maktum, vice president and premier. The general manager has referred to that this universal award is concerning the perfect application of institutional performance management and it has four distinct levels related to the application of these standards in relation to the protection of the environment , category green go, and in the level of specialized regulatory unit in the institution, category perfect slice, on a limited number of user, then expanding its application on category big band, and on the entire institution category, super size, and the cooperation between Dubai municipality and the Australian cities.

International Architecture Award

Dubai Municipality won the International Architecture Award in its fourth cycle for the year 2009 in respect of the project of repairing the house of Mr. Mohammad Shareef, who is considered one of the prominent scholars in Al-Bastakiey area, which was classified among the best projects that won the appreciation of the honorary committee. On the other hand, the international architecture group with its electronic database is considered as an international event for architects from all over the world. The principal task of this group represented in allowing the opportunities and encouraging the local practices that are acknowledge on international level, along with providing the contemporary architecture practices manual in all countries of the world, in addition to allowing the opportunity for being informed of the most theories in the architecture field.The project of repairing the house of Mr. Mohammad Shareef, the most prominent scholar in Al-Bastakieh area, is considered as a unique example for repair and conserving the historic buildings at the UAE government level, which in turn reflects high sensitivity while dealing with the rehabilitation of such buildings, which is also considered as the best few examples remaining from Al-Bastakieh area houses that are distinguished for their internal yard and gypsum portraits that are rich with the geometric decorations, and air collectors (brajil) which are becoming one of the most important symbols of local architecture in the UAE. Regarding that the Architecture Heritage Department had repaired this house in 1997.

Brilliant Leader Award from Master Ching Society 2009

The award was granted to the Municipality in appreciation to its outstanding exerted efforts for boosting the emirate’s inhabitants and visitors health through prohibiting smoking in hotels, shopping centers and restaurants.​

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