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Dubai Municipality Awards 2010


A new accomplishment is added to the series of great achievements of the Emirate of Dubai, which took place at the Canadian city of Vancouver. A delegation from the Accreditation Department of Dubai Municipality became a signatory to the ILAC MRA and Full Member of ILAC, and that included the accreditaion system of Dubai, thus the UAE became the first Gulf country to sign this kind of an agreement as Dubai Municipality issues all certifications for testing and calibration laboratories in accordance with the requirements of the international ISO (17025) and it also included the international system of the Accreditation of medical laboratories in accordance with the requirements of the international ISO (15189), whic makes Dubai the first Gulf city to have such system.

Umm Al Momineen Women Association

Ms. Majida Al Harmoudi, Principal Food Microbiology Analyst from the Dubai Central Laboratory Department has won the Rashid Bin Humaid Award for Culture and Science in its Twenty-sixth cycle and achieved the first place in the project of Pure & Applied Sciences Award

Transport & Communication Authority

Dubai Municipality (Human Resources Department) winning of Sustainable Transport Award for transport category of (Learning on the Road) project. The great development witnessed in the Emirate of Dubai in the economic fields and infrastructure and tourism projects contributed in attracting many investors, further increase in population and expansion of architecture spaces in various areas of the Emirate. Therefore, Dubai Municipality was keen …..

The Organisation of Islamic Capitals and Cities Award 2010

Dubai Municipality has won the second place in one of the award branches in appreciation of the efforts made by the Architectural Heritage Directorate for issuing book titled Elements of Traditional Architecture in Dubai as to show the role of Dubai Municipality in protecting the cultural heritage and to show the interest of the Municipality in its architectural and urban heritage and to reflect the on going interaction with the society’s backgrounds and history.

Arab Cities Organization’s Award (10th Cycle) Architect Award

The Municipality won the second position in the architect category in the name of eng. Rashad Bokhash – Manager of the Architecture Heritage Department.

The Organisation of Islamic Capitals and Cities Award 2010 For the greening and beautification project the city of Dubai plants

Dubai Precinct has got the first place in one of the award branches in appreciation of the efforts made by the Agriculture and Public Parks Management which issued a book titled Local Inhabitant Plants. The book provides a concise explanation about the role played by the Dubai Precinct in the field of local inhabitations, and it provides details about local inhabitant plants and ways to multiply and care for them as to provide for a green Dubai city and to beautify it with plants, which aim at promoting and marketing the experience of the Precinct in the field of greening and beautifying the city to become the best practice in the area in this field.

Arab Cities Organization’s Award (10th Cycle) Architecture Project Award

The Municipality won the second position in the architecture project category for its participation in the “National Falcon Center Building”. The Department focused in its participation on projecting its project, which is a market and exhibition for the sale of falcons. The exhibition displays the history and models related to falcons for introducing the methods followed in hunting, with the means of transportation and all tools used in hunting such as .

Department of Economic Development-Dubai

Dubai Municipality won Dubai Award for Human Development. This award aims at stepping into a new economic period and into the digital economic era and Information Technology for absorbing and developing the capabilities of our human resources and manpower for contributing in upgrading the local citizens level and for coping with the aspired economic development. For encouraging the enterprises of both the public and private sectors, Dubai Award for Human Development was established which aims at upgrading the capacities and capabilities of the local citizens and promoting the role of the local manpower in the national economy. Regarding that this award comes as part of a comprehensive initiative for the human development in Dubai. It also aims at boosting the partnership relationship between the government sector and business sector, along with encouraging the private sector enterprises for absorbing the local qualified manpower among its staff, and for working on upgrading its capabilities through the intensified programs and training.

Best Paper Ward Environment

The management of medical wastes is one of the challenging tasks that accompany the growth and development of a progressive metropolis. The city of Dubai is no exception as in the last decade; it has been experiencing a steady increase in the quantity of medical and pathological wastes due to population growth and as the city attracts more and more visitors from around the world. To cope with these challenges, medical and healthcare facilities are increased, improved and modernized and services are expanded to benefit all, not only in the urban areas but in the rural areas as well. Hence, there is an increase in medical and healthcare wastes that require proper management from the source to the final treatment.

The Organisation of Islamic Capitals and Cities Award 2010

Dubai Precinct has got the first place in one of the award branches in appreciation of the efforts made by the Waste Management in the field of protecting the environment and progressive development for the hard medical waste progressive management project in Dubai Province as to protect the public safety from contagious diseases and to provide for a safe and proper treatment for medical wastes.

Government WEB AWARDS

Dubai Municipality (Information Technology Department) won the e-Government Shield Award for the best e-government website in the Arab World in cooperation with each of the Arabian Organization for Administrative Development, which is considered one of the Arab League’s specialized organizations, and the Academy of Internet Awards in the Arab region for assuming the responsibility of this award. This award aims at recognizing the efforts paid by the Arab Governments which established websites on the internet, whether for providing services to citizens and residents or for providing them with the information in a transparent manner according to the technology being used by the e-governments of the world.

Middle East Award for municipal excellence and urban development

Dubai Municipality won the Middle East Award for municipal excellence and urban development based on the performance of municipalities in the service of national economy and strengthening the global competitiveness spreading awareness of concepts of performance, creativity and quality of municipal development and planning for e-smart cities, on April 25, 2011 at Al Falak hall, Burj Al Arab.

Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Distinguished Academic Performance

Dubai Municipality (Environment Department + Child City) won the award of Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum for the Distinguished Academic Performance for the category of Education Supporting Institutions. Regarding that H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy-Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance & Industry of the United Arab Emirates has issued a resolution in March 1998 for allocating an award under the title of (Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for the Distinguished Academic Performance) for the purpose of upgrading the academic performance in all its stages and sections being under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. In the ninth cycle, H.H. the Award Sponsor, issued his directives for honoring both the local and foreign education supporting institutions in the State of the United Arab Emirates. This award was established during the 11th cycle of the year 2009. According to the award of education supporting institutions, different projects were presented by the Environment Department and Child City.​

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