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Dubai Municipality Awards 2015

Middle East Excellence Award

The Middle East Award for Excellence Institute honored Manal Bin Yaarouf – Director of Customer and Partners Relations Department in Dubai Municipality for the female leadership category in creativity and innovation through which she clarified her personal and practical achievements in the field of creativity and innovation. The award aims to establish the foundations of leadership and institutional empowerment of women to support and achieve the goals of sustainable development, by supporting and strengthening the position of women in society and encouraging women leaders to advance their capabilities to achieve the best economic, scientific and professional status through achieving the best principles of modern cognitive development, which enables women leaders to contribute to the process Strategic development according to the highest international leadership competency standards.

British Safety Council Awards

Dubai Municipality represented in the Public Health and Safety department, has been awarded the International Safety Award, which demonstrates the Department’s commitment to health and safety by explaining how health and safety system is managed at work , according to the criteria of the award. The organization aims to take care of workers and maintain their safety while performing work and help the organization in achieving the highest health and safety standards.

Global Good Governance Awards

Dubai Municipality represented by managing Dubai Central Laboratory has been granted a certificate / conformity mark for low-emission materials (paints and paste wax) according to the requirements of ‘Saafat’ systems for green buildings and according to certain specifications prepared by Dubai Municipality.

Energy Management Insight Awards

Dubai Municipality, represented by the General Maintenance Department, has received the Energy Management Insight Award for leadership in Energy Management category organized by the International Clean Energy Organization for the Energy Management System (Sustainable Tawar Building) where the project aims to optimize the use of energy according to Dubai Municipality’s strategic plan to reduce energy use by applying best practices to rationalize energy and increase its efficiency in the next five years (2016-2021), the project applies best practices in cooperation with Etisalat Energy Efficiency Services (E3S) since 2012 to current year with the aim of managing the energy of the Al-Tawar Center building which reduces the building’s consumption rate from July 2017 to April 2020 after applying some practices that aim to improve energy efficiency to 36% of the usual consumption rate which leads to redsucing maintenance costs and a longer life span for the building. In contrast, CO2 emissions decreased to 1,115.5. Award winning supports and enhances the global competitiveness of the department within the global institutions that comply with international specifications.


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