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Frequently Asked Questions

Research and Standardization Office

What types of outputs can be provided?

The following types of outputs can be provided:

1- Cross sections at a given location showing the different types and depth of soil strata.

2- 3D outputs.

3- Spreadsheet data outputs.

4- Contour maps for a specific stratum or ground water table.

What types of data can be provided?

Too many types of data can be provided such as:

1- Chemical data such as sulfates and chlorides contents and pH value for soils and ground water.

2- Engineering properties of soils such as SPT, compressive strength and water permeability.

3- Particle size distribution of soils.

What does the term Geobase refer to?

​It refers to a Data Bank program of subsurface soils of the Emirate of Dubai for providing customers with technical data available about the soil layers, geotechnical data, aquifers and the contents of chemical substances that are harmful to reinforced concrete.​

How long will it take to issue the thermal transmittance calculation certificate?

The certificate can be issued within few days after paying the fees and providing all required information with the product sample

What is the base used for calculating the thermal transmittance of a product?

​Thermal transmittance is calculated as per EN ISO 6946 entitled “Building components and building elements – Thermal resistance and thermal transmittance – calculation method”​​

What is the cost of the TA certificate?

The cost of issuing TA certificate depends on the time (in hours) spent in completing the approval process, and it calculated on the base of 174 AED/hour. The total cost is estimated to be 27000 AED This amount does not include the cost of shipping samples to outside laboratories and the costs of examinations and any other costs resulting from visits to factories outside the country for the purposes of technical audit.

I have an ETA for my material/product, is it required to go through the full testing program by DM?

If the local environment has no detrimental effects on the material/product having an ETA, With the absence of any other requirements of the municipality in this regard, then the DM TA certificate shall be issued based on the ETA without any further testing. Otherwise some testing may be required to check the effect of the local environment on the characteristics and performance of the material/product. Or to insure the attainment of other DM requirements (if any)

How long will take to issue the TA certificate?

For materials/products having ETAs and the local environment does not affect them, With the absence of any other requirements of the municipality in this regard ,the TA certificate can be issued within a month time after paying all the fees by the applicant and checking the compliance of the material/product with the requirements of the ETA by our staff. In the absence of such approval, issuing of certificate may take several months depends on the quick response of the client with DM to achieve the certificate requirements and to conduct audit on the factory as well as the time spent on conducting tests either in DM laboratories or approved external laboratories.

How to get a TA certificate for my material/product?

Simply by filling the application form and submitting it to RSMO with all supporting data/information/test reports/research papers…etc.​

I have a European TA (ETA) for my material/product, will it be considered by DM?

Yes, provided that the ETA is current (not expired or about to be expired).​

Products Conformity Assessment Section

Is the certification service accredited?

The DCL is accredited by Emirates International Accreditation Center (EIAC) to ISO/IEC 17065 .The Scope of accreditation currently covers the batch certification service, factory assessment, and Type 2 certification for different types of products.​

How do I pay for the certificate / conformity mark?

Payment can be made electronically through the DM website (e-payment) or at any Dubai Municipality cashier using e-dirham or credit card. Cash payments can also be made at any Al Ansari Exchange.​​​

How long does it take to obtain the certificate / conformity Mark?

Depended on the type of service required and ranges from 5 days(for batch certification of concrete blocks) up to 3 months for the factory assessments scheme(steel bars)​

What are the different types of services provided?

  • Batch certification service for different types of block.
  • Certification through factory assessment for both mandatory(thermal insulation & reinforcing steel)and voluntary(fly ash, manhole cover ,PC wire stand, pipes, etc) certification.
  • Type 1 certification for certifying a particular batch of product (other than concrete blocks)
  • Attestation service for products already certified by recognized 3rd party certification body.
General Question

What are the payment types?

1. Cash

2. Cheque

3. Credit Cards​

How can we request for Test of any Sample the DCL Website?

The first step: Is that access to the site of the Dubai Municipality website and customer registration data by filling out online (the application for registration of the company and the user), where the customer receives after its own registration number (UM) number.

The second step: Registration data manually by the customer fill out an application to be downloaded from the site also Manual Application for company registration” is mentioned (UM) number, which happened in the first step.

The third step: This request is manual with a picture of the business license to the Office of Electronic Government in the main building of Dubai Municipality; get the service through his user name and password of his own.

How do we request for a Test Manually?

1. Register the sample for analysis.

​2. Pay the fees of test in advance.

3. A copy of the receipt of examination application form.

What are the work times of the DCL?

Between 7:30 am to 2:30 pm all the week except on Friday and Saturday.​​

Where is the DCL Location?

At AL Karma, Dubai Central Laboratory next to the Central Post, Administration Building First Floor

Engineering Laboratory

What are the different methods for payment of testing charges?

The payment can be made by one of the following methods:

  • Electronically
  • Cash
  • Cheque to Dubai Municipality​​

Can we witness the test?

In case of witnessing, this shall be stated in the test request and the lab Officer In charge shall coordinate with customer to visit the lab for witnessing purpose.

What are the tests can be conducted on thermal insulation materials and products?

  • Thermal conductivity​
  • Fire ignitibility
  • Non combustibility
  • Oxygen Index – Density
  • Water Vapor Transmission
  • Mechanical Tests

What are the green building materials and products those can be tested in your laboratory?

  • All the types of the thermal insulation materials.
  • Recycle Aggregate
  • Additives: Fly ash
  • Steel bar
  • Water vapor retarded materials
  • Paints​​​​

What type of tests can be conducted on Paints, Road Marking, And Lubricating Oil?

  • Determination of heavy metals on paints by using ICP.​
  • Determination of Volatile Organic Matter on paints by using GC.
  • Determination of Physical and Chemical properties on Lubricating Oil
  • Paints
  • Road Marking.

What type of tests can be conducted on steel bar? How many specimens requires for each type of test?

Tensile strength test Number of specimens is 10 with length of 1.3m each.

Calibration Laboratory

When can we obtain the calibration certificate?

4 working days after the starting date of calibration.

How to obtain a calibration certificate?

After paying the charges, calibration certificate can be downloaded through DM web site or manually.

How can we know that our calibration request has been accepted and the proposed date for calibration?

​​It can be checked through DM web site and the proposed date for calibration is mentioned there.​

Is calibration laboratory accredited by an international body?

Yes by Dubai Accreditation Department.​

Food and Environmental Laboratory

What is payment procedure in Food & Environment lab?

Fees can be paid in the administration section of DCL using several ways:

  1. Cash
  2. Checks
  3. Credit card
  4. E-Dirham and bank transfer in case of outside the country client.​

What is the test duration for Food & Environment Samples?

Test duration depends on the test requested for the sample. Almost all test require 5 working days to issue the final report. To know about the tests available, their coast & test duration, please click here

What is the amount of sample required for analysis?

Samples Quantity depends on the test requested for the sample.

To know about the tests available, their coast & test duration, please check the following web page:​​

What are the procedures to register sample in the Food & Environment section?

Samples must be registered in Food Control Department in order to get the DM Barcode through the official Website of Dubai Municipality or by visiting AL Karama Centre.

​Then samples must be submitted directly to Food & Environment Section, Dubai Central Laboratory in Al Karama area. Samples must be stored & transported safely to the lab in order to not effect final results.

​Online services are available now on the official website of Dubai Municipality. You can create your account as a private user.

​To create an account for your company, you have to visit Dubai Municipality main building.

Are the laboratory tests have an international certification?

Food and Environmental Laboratories accredited by the International Standard ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 for testing services under the Accreditation Department (DAC). which was firstly accreditation for food laboratories have been through the British UKAS accreditation for a period of three years (2006-2009).

Consumer Laboratory

What are the fees for examination? When do you pay fees?

Depending on the kind of examination / test, and fees are paid when applying the test​

What are the steps to get service examination?

Apply the test and then provide samples.​

What are the samples of cosmetics that are being tested?

All materials are tested cosmetics and personal care such as: creams, oils, soap, shampoo, cosmetics.

Are there any plans to cover products other than mentioned above?

Yes, and will be announced through the website of the lab and also notify the retailers and suppliers to do so.​

What to do in the case of the consumer inquiry or make sure if the product is registered or not?

  • Request the registration certificate from the distributor or seller, in the case of not getting a position to inform the laboratory.​
  • Contact the laboratory.​

Is there a law requiring dealers or suppliers shall examine the registration of electrical products?

​Yes, there is something the local No. 10 of 2003, which required all retailers and suppliers register their products before distribution or display of local markets, Dubai​

What is the standard used to conduct tests on electrical appliances?

​Standard specification is the World Electronic (IEC) and electrical safety devices​

What are the fees for examination of samples of electrical appliances? When do you pay these charges?

You can get a list price of the website or request an employee to receive samples, and is paid upon receipt of request for examination / registration in most cases.​

How many samples of electrical devices required?

The number of samples is 3 samples of all products, except electrical conductors of 6 samples​​

What electric appliances, which must be registered?

Mandatory and the list of products that can be obtained from the website or requested from the officer receiving the samples.​

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