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Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Affairs and Financial Services

Where can I pay the fine for a car impounded by Dubai Municipality?

  • You can pay the fine for an impounded car at the Dubai Municipality car impound office in Al Qusais area, Mr. Ibrahim Kalantar’s office.

What is the fine for a bounced cheque for hotel charges?

  • If the cheque bounces, you will be notified and charged a fine of AED500, in addition to the AED10 Knowledge fee for each cheque returned for the first time.
  • If the cheque bounces more than once, the fine is determined according to the following:
    • 2nd time: AED500 + 20% of the due fees
    • 3rd time: AED500 + 40% of the due fees.
  • The fine for the bounced cheque is paid in cash or credit/debit card.

What is a housing fee and why should I pay it?

  • It is a service fee imposed by the Dubai Municipality against public services provided by the Emirate of Dubai. It represents 5% of the lease contract value between the lessor and the lessee.

​How is the drainage and irrigation fee calculated on the DEWA bill?

  • It’s half a fils for each gallon of water.

​Can paid fees be refunded if the service request was cancelled, such as the used space fees or change of use fees?

  • It is not possible to refund any paid service fees.

​Does Dubai Municipality provide payment plans for overdue fees or fines?

Payment plans for overdue fees and fines are provided through Dubai Municipality website according to the available installment options:

  • Installments via Emirates NBD for settlement of all fees and fines (with no interest), provided that the due amount is AED500 and above (steps attached)
  • Installments via Dubai Municipality: settlement of some fees and all fines, according to the below conditions:

Terms and Conditions for Fees Settlement in Installments

1st PaymentPayment Plan PeriodMinimum (in AED)Payment Plan Terms and Conditions
Not less than 25%Up to 2 years10,000Individuals
Not less than 25%Up to 2 years100,000Companies

Terms and Conditions for Fines Settlement in Installments

1st PaymentPayment Plan PeriodMinimum (in AED)Payment Plan Terms and Conditions
Not less than 25%Up to 2 years5000Individuals
Not less than 25%Up to 2 years20,000Companies

You can request to pay your fines and fees in installments by filling in the related form and sending it by e-mail to along with the following documents:

For Individuals:

  1. Copy of the passport or Emirates ID (for landlords and tenants)
  2. Copy of the tenancy contract (between landlord and tenant)
  3. Undertaking letter signed by the landlord (sample letter)
  4. Certified bank statement for the last 3 months (for tenant).

For Companies:

  1. Certified bank statement for the last 3 months.
  2. A preliminary approval of the application is sent by e-mail within 2 days to complete the installments procedure.
  3. In case of approval, a detailed payment statement is sent by e-mail to be settled within 5 working days from the approval date.
  4. The application is canceled if the installments were not paid during the specified period.
  5. In case of approval, post-dated cheques must be submitted to the treasury department employee (cashier) with the cheque details and the number of approved installments.
  6. Post-dated cheques must be made payable to Dubai Municipality.
  7. The maximum installment period is 2 years, with only 3 months between payments.


In case of defaulting on any installment, the following measures are taken:

  • Payment plan is canceled and the remaining balance is immediately due in full
  • The possibility to settle fees and fines in installments is prohibited for 2 consecutive years from the default date.

What is the approved procedure for submitting a letter of objection or grievance for a fine or violation?

  • You can file a letter of objection or grievance for a fine or violation at the customer service office by following these steps:
    • Send a message to the General Revenue Department, where the management fills a a special form and sends to the unit concerned with the violation for their opinion and for error correction, if any.
    • When applying to pay the violation by installments, we make sure no checks have previously bounced in your name at Dubai Municipality, and then the application is submitted to the Assistant Director of the Institutional Support Sector for approval.

What are the fees for hotels and alcoholic beverages?

  • Fees for hotels and alcoholic beverages are fees collected by the General Revenue Department according to Regulation No. (2) of 2006 regarding the Municipality’s fees for hotel establishment sales in Dubai. They are calculated according to the following:
    • Hotel establishments (according to their classifications) and restaurants operating in the Dubai Emirate: 7% of total sales
    • Alcoholic beverages: 30% of total sales.

How can I refund the security deposit that I paid?

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