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The concept of governance has entered in the public and private sectors on a large scale. It became a target that governments and the large companies are seeking for it.

The need arises for the formation of a procedural framework to enable decision makers to take the right decision. The governance frame contains group of organizational relationships that offer an integrated system for the pursuance of functions, and it should be essential for the development and sustainability of the environment in supporting the development. The governance depend on laws, procedures and regulations which are characterized by the participation of all parties and guarantee the achievement of the goals and vision.

Dubai Municipality pioneer in this field have been issued and where to identify a general framework for governance at the municipal level in 2009. It is a under the frame of controlling  and guidance which define the responsibilities, rights, relations and illustrates the structures and necessary procedures for making good decisions that are related to the department works , and support justice transparency ,accountability and enhance confidence and credibility at the work environment. The municipality has worked on the promotion and dissemination of the concepts of  governance culture on different levels. The department is seeking through its governance operations to provide consistency between the various organizational units, where the work of these units are complementary to each other.

The upgrade of governance application requests the complementary of whole sectors in the department and its organizational units , and all the leadership, supervisory and executive levels. This leads to achieve several targets such as improving  the effectiveness and efficiency of operations management and employment in areas that achieve optimum utilization of resources, build a culture and development of institutional loyalty and a sense of responsibility.

Moreover, achieving the accountability, transparency and the fight against corruption and its forms, and practices supportive environment and sustainable development. In addition, to achieve trends and strategic objectives of the department, the affective contribution in building a unique city that provides the essence of success and comfort of living sustainability available.

Director General of Dubai Municipality​

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