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The word governance


Since the concept of governance expanded to both the public and the private sectors, it has developed into a target for governments and large corporations alike. From this new approach emanated a need for an innovative procedural framework that improves the decision making process.

Governance is rooted in laws, regulations and procedures. It is a participatory process involving all stakeholders and through which goals and visions are achieved. It encompasses a network of organizational relationships that provide a main integrated system allowing the completion of works and tasks, taking into consideration the support of the community, its sustainability and its development.

Dubai Municipality has pioneered governance since 2009 by identifying and issuing a general framework based on enhanced guidance and control, defining rights, obligations and relations. An outline that clearly states the necessary rules and regulations required for a better departmental decision making process.

Over the years, the municipality has been building a professional ecosystem of confidence and credibility by actively promoting the culture of governance and its framework that implies justice, transparency and accountability.

Practically, the implementation of the governance principles to the department work aims at providing the integration and consistency required for a better complementarity needed across the different divisions and sectors of the department, and at the leadership, supervisory and executive levels.

The result will help to achieve the following targets:

  • Enhancing operations management efficiency through resources optimization at both skills and recruitment levels.
  • Institutional loyalty building and development.
  • Improvement of the sense of responsibility
  • Achievement of transparency and accountability
  • Fighting all forms and practices of corruption
  • Building a supportive environment and providing sustainable development
  • Implementing the strategic goals and orientations of the department
  • Contributing efficiently to building a unique city that provides sustainability of comfortable living as well as all the chances for success.

Director General of Dubai Municipality​



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