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Calling all creative individuals (students, designers, architects, and startups..) to participate in regenerating neighborhood parks through designing unique park elements; urban seats, playgrounds, jogging tracks, landscape design, and canopy design. Our goal is to discover creative design, motivate community participation and encourage community awareness about sustainable urban design. You are invited to submit design proposals that are unique, creative and meet the demand of the community and local context.


You will select a park and design one element at least. You may choose to design more than one element or all elements. (please check Park Locations in the documents section for reference)


Design Creative Urban Seating


Jogging Track


Canopy Design


Design Children Playgrounds

Accessible for children between (2-5 years old) and (6-12 years old) adhering to separating the playgrounds as per the age group.


Landscape Design

Green areas embedded within the overall design (not less than 50% of the overall area of the park




95,000 DHS

Total Prize

50,000 DHS

First Prize

30,000 DHS

Second Prize

15,000 DHS

Third Prize


The submission is comprised of soft copy submissions

Submission Format: DWG, AUTOCAD, DWF, PPT, PDF, JPEG
Max size: 30 MB

*The participant must submit their design proposal in accordance with the instructions and attachments contained in this brief and reading the terms and conditions when registering.

Submission deliverables: can comprise of the following but not limited to:

  • Architectural drawing plan
  • Conceptual design
  • 3d representation modeling
  • Sketches
  • Other means of representation to deliver the idea

*Deliverables should not exceed (20) boards.

Submission Deadline: 20/04/2021



    I accept the terms and conditions

    Terms and Conditions:

    The conditions stipulated here below include the terms and conditions of the contest for the Neighborhood Park design competition. Accordingly, the participation in the design or designs means the acceptance and full compliance with these terms and conditions and the consequences hereof.

    General Terms for Participation:

    · Any design or designs not within the specifications and criteria of the subjects specified under these conditions will be excluded.

    · Dubai Municipality shall not be bound to execute the winning design or designs; however; the execution or non-execution of such designs shall be subject to its own discretion.

    · The submitted design or designs shall be assessed by an internal ruling committee for the purpose of accepting or rejecting them, or for requesting additional information or data related thereto.

    · The participant agrees that Dubai Municipality is the sole entity authorized to execute and apply the design or designs as it deems fit and expedient.

    · Everything pertaining to the ideas, design, designs, which could include photographs or videos, as well as the proposals submitted by the participants and the use of the same on the electronic platforms, social media sites, local newspapers, and other channels shall be subject to Dubai municipality’s discretion in the manner it may deem proper and fit.

    · Dubai Municipality has the right not to reply nor accept any participation, even if such participation meets the required criteria, as the relevant competition committee may decide.

    · Dubai Municipality has the right to amend or change the winning idea, design, or designs, to reach the design it finds proper in the final form.

    · Dubai Municipality reserves its right to apply or execute any idea, design, or designs which have not been chosen for winning the financial award.

    · All the submitted designs are property of Dubai Municipality which shall have the right to execute the same at any time it wishes.

    · The relevant committee shall choose 3 winners for the financial award.

    · The finalists who qualify for the finals shall be awarded Certificates of Appreciation (10 qualifiers).

    Intellectual Property

    · Dubai Municipality reserves for itself all the detailed files attached with the Participation Form of Neighborhood Park Design Competition.

    · Being the entity executing the design, Dubai Municipality reserves the right to amend or to change any part of the design parts during and before the execution stage, in addition to applying the design in other places without the need to obtain the participant’s approval and without the accrual of any financial obligations on it towards the participants in the competition.

    · Dubai Municipality assumes no legal liability related to the intellectual property of the materials and data posted on the participation site, which could constitute an infringement of any third party’s intellectual property.

    · The intellectual property of the ideas or designs, whether the winning ones or those which did not win, shall belong to Dubai Municipality which shall have the right to dispose of the same in the manner it deems fit and proper.

    Other conditions:

    · Online registration shall be completed. All the data must be filled in before the registration closing date.

    · The designs with more than 20 boards shall be excluded.

    · The designs with unclear display (presented unclearly) shall be excluded.

    · One element shall provide; or the whole park shall be designed as mentioned in the designing elements.

    · Upon designing, the approximate cost of execution shall be taken into account, ranging between AED 700.000 to AED 1,000.000.

    The Participant shall undertake as follows:

    · He is the sole and exclusive owner of the submitted design, and he guarantees that the said design is under no current or future case or claims by any third party whatsoever.

    · His participation in the contest and his submitting the design or designs shall not result in prejudicing or infringing any third party’s intellectual rights.


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