Eng. Amin Ahmed Mohammed
Director of Dubai Centeral Laboratory
Joining Date: 06/02/1991
Bachelor of Science - Chemistry Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering


Arif Husain AL Marzouqi
Head of Products Conformity Assessment Section
Joining Date: 12/09/2000
Bachelor of Science - Geology




Sameera Mohamed AL Assar
Head of Planning and Development Office
Joining Date: 09/11/2008
Bachelor in Mathematics



Eng. Adnan Mahmoud Al Marzouqi 
Head of Construction Materials Laboratories Section
Joining Date: 18/11/2000
Bachelor in Material Engineering 


Maha Suwekeet AlHajri
Head Of Food and Environment Laboratories Section
Joining Date: 14/02/1994
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture



Eng. Fareed Mohammed Ismail
Head of Metrology Section
Joining Date: 15/01/2000
Executive MBA



E. Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Ali
Head of Renewable Energy & Electromechanical Laboratories Section
Joining Date : 19/03/2003
Master of Engineering Management




Shaikha Khalfan Al Galaf 
Head Business Development & Support section 
Joining Date : 25/04/1999
Bachelor of Food industry Master of Quality Management


Abdulla Mohammed Abdulla Al Marzouqi 
Head of Consumer Products and Commodities Laboratory Section
Joining Date: 18/09/2004
Bachelor of Science – Chemistry
Master of Total Quality Management