The DCL is accredited by Emirates International Accreditation Center (EIAC) to ISO/IEC 17065 .The Scope of accreditation currently covers the batch certification service, factory assessment, and Type 2 certification for different types of products.​

​Payment can be made electronically through the DM website (e-payment) or at any Dubai Municipality cashier using e-dirham or credit card.  Cash payments can also be made at any Al Ansari Exchange.​​​

​Depended on the type of service required and ranges from 5 days(for batch certification of concrete blocks) up to 3 months for the factory assessments scheme(steel bars)​

  • Batch certification service for different types of block.
  • Certification through factory assessment for both mandatory(thermal insulation & reinforcing steel)and voluntary(fly ash, manhole cover ,PC wire stand, pipes, etc) certification.
  • Type 1 certification for certifying a particular batch of product (other than concrete blocks)
  • Attestation service for products already certified by recognized 3rd party certification body. 

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