​1. Cash

2. Cheque

3. Credit Cards​

The first step: Is that access to the site of the Dubai Municipality website www.dm.gov.ae and customer registration data by filling out online (the application for registration of the company and the user), where the customer receives after its own registration number (UM) number.

The second step: Registration data manually by the customer fill out an application to be downloaded from the site also Manual Application for company registration" is mentioned (UM) number, which happened in the first step.

The third step: This request is manual with a picture of the business license to the Office of Electronic Government in the main building of Dubai Municipality; get the service through his user name and password of his own.

1. Register the sample for analysis.

2. Pay the fees of test in advance.

3. A copy of the receipt of examination application form.

​Between 7:30 am to 2:30 pm all the week except on Friday and Saturday.​​

At AL Karma, Dubai Central Laboratory next to the Central Post, Administration Building First Floor​

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