​Depending on the kind of examination / test, and fees are paid when applying the test​

​Apply the test and then provide samples.​

All materials are tested cosmetics and personal care such as: creams, oils, soap, shampoo, cosmetics.

​​Yes, and will be announced through the website of the lab and also notify the retailers and suppliers to do so.​

  • Request the registration certificate from the distributor or seller, in the case of not getting a position to inform the laboratory.
  • Contact the laboratory.​

​Yes, there is something the local No. 10 of 2003, which required all retailers and suppliers register their products before distribution or display of local markets, Dubai​

​Standard specification is the World Electronic (IEC) and electrical safety devices​

​You can get a list price of the website or request an employee to receive samples, and is paid upon receipt of request for examination / registration in most cases.​

​The number of samples is 3 samples of all products, except electrical conductors of 6 samples​​

​Mandatory and the list of products that can be obtained from the website or requested from the officer receiving the samples.​

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