Verification and Attestation of Conformity

This service enables the customer to have a Attestation of Conformity Certificate for construction materials based on the verification of documents related to product conformity submitted by the applicant. This service is applicable mainly to non mandatory products that are not covered by regulations; or products covered by regulations but currently there is no available DCLD certification scheme. This service is delivered by Dubai Central Laboratory.


How to Avail of this Service

Applicants can download and fill the application form F-IC-6001 and send to Products Conformity Assessment Section by email; together with the required supporting documents mentioned in the Application Form. 


Download Documents: **​

RD-DP33-6001 (IC) ​- General rules for Verification and Attestation Service

RD-DP33-6002 (IC) - Fee structure for Verification and Attestation Service

DM-DCLD-F-IC-6001 - Application Form for VAS


For more details please send email to: certification@dm.gov.ae​