Type 1 Product Certification

The Type 1 certification is being implemented by the DCLD-PCAS to complement the other two types of certification (i.e. Type 2 – Batch certification, and Type 5 – Factory assessment).

This scheme established to serve walk in clients, it covers currently only voluntary products where suppliers may apply for certification of a defined quantity of their products against any recognized international, national, or local specifications. DCLD shall carry out type testing of the products against the relevant standard specification requirements by selecting representative samples from defined quantity or lot of the product and sending them to recognized laboratories for testing. When the results of testing are satisfactory, the supplier is granted a conformity certificate for the defined quantity or lot.

The Type 1 certification process includes the elements mentioned in ISO/IEC 17067 Table 1 consisting of:

  • Selection of samples to be certified.
  • Determination of characteristics as per specification.
  • Review of test results against standard requirements.
  • Decision on certification (based on conformity with standard specification).
  • Attestation (Issuance of product conformity certificate applicable only to product tested with a one year validity).

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