Smart inspection for Dubai Administrations system

A smart electronic system that helps  inspectors in the municipality  departments to work on the daily inspection transactions, the system gives the inspector all the information about the site, and then  through the system he can follow up the tasks entrusted to him , update and write reports

Smart Positional  system

A system that enables owners to receive maps directly without any need for manual help of the Department of Survey.

Smart navigation in shopping centers in Dubai

Smart navigation in shopping centers in Dubai

Amakin Smart System

Smart system that displays spatial data and contains some simple tools for geo-analysis of data.

Smart Interactive map of Dubai

A project that converts the maps of the Dubai regions with smart interactive inventions, which are updated directly from a distance and contain varient information such as events near the area, points of interest, Makani numbers and other information, and can work by touch  and able to be used for communication feature and the smart map is environmentally friendly and friendly to owners.

Smart Tourism map of Dubai

An electronic map that contains  the activities of Dubai tourism and the activities of Dubai Municipality and government departments.

Graveyards smart administration system

System to manage the graveyards electronically, the system is divided into cemeteries and then to the numbers of the graveyards  and graveyards  through the system can view the graveyards  on the map and then select all the data of the graveyards .

Public Gardens Administration System

A system for displaying and managing public parks projects. All the assets of the Department and its electronic administration will be presented by the database with the preparation of a geographical database that includes the assets of public parks management.

3D Dubai Safai

A system for presenting Dubai Safari with a 3D model, and safari asset management electronically.

Building Addressing System

An in house addressing system for the residential unit level is linked to "Makani" application.

Smart communities facilities administration system

A system for the management of public services and public service projects. A geographical database of public services, containing a geographical database of public services, through which the implementation of projects is monitored.

3D Dubai Buildings

A system that displays Dubai buildings in 3D on the map with all the interior details of the buildings, turning the 2D drawings into three-dimensional plans of the building.

Smart Decision makers reports

A smart reporting screen that includes project status, statistics for available data and up to date reports, including data analysis results.

Dubai municipality project administration system

A system that displays all the projects of the Government of Dubai on an electronic map and through which the projects are presented and followed up and updated data directly from the authority concerned with implementation.

Dubai Buildings maintenance system

A system that displays all the buildings of the Dubai Municipality through which the state of the building and the buildings licenses are displayed for each building and the mechanism to display the buildings that must be maintained. The system can determine the periodicity of the system according to the predefined criteria​