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Sunday to Thursday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

For further information, please call the museum at: +971 (4) 2342385 Or Fax: +971 (4) 7033517​

Entry Fees

Admission is free

Museum Location:

The museum is located in the historical district of Al ras on the banks of Dubai Creek and next to the Spice Market.

General Notes:

  • Please contact the museum for visiting hours during the Holy month of Ramadan and official holidays
  • Free guided tours with guides
  • Groups and schools bookings can be arranged on demand

The layout of Al Oqaili House Museum: 

First - The Ground Floor

The entrance: contains information about the poet Al Oqaili, and the date of the house building. It also has a sketch that shows the components of this house that included a thanking plate in appreciation of the efforts of those who contributed in the success of this cultural endeavor.

Al Oqaili life room

This room is rich with the display of the family tree of the poet and information about Al Oqaili dynasty, the date of his birth and nurture. Thus he was raised in Al Ahsa’a area, and travelled in Iraq, Oman, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain before he settled in Dubai. It is mentioned that he passed away there in 1371 Hijri – 1954 Gregorian. The room contains manuscript papers that depict Al Oqaili’s support to the Arabic language and the Palestinian cause.

Al Oqaili poetry room - The classical poetry

The poet Al Oqaili was distinct in his ability to write both the Classical and the colloquial (Nabati) Arabic poetry. Some of his poems can be viewed in the classical poetry room that contains samples of the panegyric poetry, a poem praising Sheikh Rashid and a poem titled (Bring back history to us), in addition to other elegy poem dedicated to the lamentation of Sheikah Hessa. Furthermore, wisdom poetry, events poems, a poem titled (ask the night) and correspondences poetry are present as well.

The colloquial poetry room

In the Nabati poetry room we find panegyric poems praising the Al Maktoums, in addition to a poem titled “They say every person is a poet”, a poet titled “The mind of the decisive”, Wisdom poetry, the “complaining” poem and another poem of virtuous love.

The well room (Al Towi) that contains adornments made by the poet was utilized to display letters to Sheikh Buti bin Suhail and other letters to Sheikh Saqr bin Khalid, in addition to the letter sent from Al Oqaili to Sultan Abdul Hameed.

Second - The upper floor:

This is dedicated to the cultural and social life, since this part of the house is utilized to display the poet cultural life and social status. Information about the poet friends, companions and students were also displayed.

Moreover, this part contained a display of the poet personal belongings, such as his watch, his desk, his pistol and some of rug pieces that he owned. Additionally, a group of cutleries and plates of various make possessed by the poet in different periods are also shown.

With respect to culture, this part of the house exhibited samples of notebooks handwritten by the poet. That includes poems, letters, and some account ledgers inscribed by Al Oqaili who worked in trade.

The efforts of the Architectural Heritage Department to restore the house were also demonstrated by displaying photos of the house before and after restoration.

Photo Gallery