Working Hours

Visitors are welcome (Sunday – Thursday)
from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
Ticket window closed at 6:30 pm

Except ( Friday and Saturday )
From 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Ticket window closed at 7:30 pm

* Please note that the timings can be changed during the Holy month of Ramadan, Eids and different occasions

Entry Fees

Children2-15 years old 10 AED
AdultsFrom 16 years onwards15 AED
FamilyInclude two Adults and two Children 40 AED

Includes a minimum of 20 students 

Includes a minimum of 20 students (free entrance for two accompanying persons)

5 AED per student
Tourist and private groups

Include a minimum of 20 persons 

Includes a minimum of 20 students (free entrance for one corporate / tour accompanying person)

10 AED per person
  • Free entrance for children less than two years
  • Free entrance for People of Determination with two accompanying persons
  • Entrance for schools and private groups in the summertime is 10 DHS per person.
  • Children's City entrance tickets don't include Creek park entrance tickets. Creek Park Tickets fees 5 DHS.

Children’s City Membership:

There's no better way to spend time with your family, so sign up today

Free entry for the entire year and for an unlimited number of visits

Attractive advantages to all members

FeeMembership type
AED 200Individual membership

Family membership

(of four members: 2 adult and 2 children)

​For each extra Family member AED 60

The Dubai-based Children's City is the first educational city in the UAE devoted to children between two and fifteen years old where they can investigate, explore, play, discover, and learn about the world in which we live.
The City is specially designed for children to interact and discover together in family and school groups. It contains several exhibits and programs like a nature center, space exploration, human body, computer & communication, planetarium, the way we live and international culture as well as Toddlers area. In addition, Children's City presents daily educational workshops throughout the year at the different galleries or in the purpose-built halls and entertainment programs at the Children's City Theatre for school students, children and families.

(for more information, kindly visit the Children City Website)


Welcome to Children’s City. We are very proud of this special place for children and hope that you will enjoy your visit with us. This is a place where children can learn in a special way, by making their own discoveries through hands-on interaction. This process works much better if there are adults to help children by asking them questions about the exhibits and encouraging them to find explanations. This will be your role today. Our guides are there to help you, so please ask them if you need further information. There are some rules that we ask you to observe and Murshid will explain these. To make your school visit as beneficial as possible please adhere to Murshid’s rules at all times:

    • To supervise children there should be a minimum of 1:10 adult to child ration
    • Guardian is expected to supervise children at all times and encourage them to interact with the exhibits and each other in a positive way.
    • If the gallery you want to visit is full please go to the next gallery or take the opportunity for a refreshment break.
    • Remember to share our educational aids with other children so everyone can enjoy them!
    • Smoking is bad for us. Smoking is therefore strictly forbidden throughout Children’s City.
    • We don’t want to upset any of our visitors, so please be punctual for any performance, workshops, or Planetarium shows that you have booked.
    • To help keep your students and the exhibits as safe as possible no running is allowed in Children's City galleries.

    People of Determination:

    In care of Children's City which part of DM to achieve its vision of creating an excellent city that provides the essence of success and comfort of sustainable living, and in order to enhance its community responsibility, Children's City has committed since it was founded to provide the highest levels of care for People of Determination. Also, it put in its priority to provide multiple and diverse services that are distinguished by quality to this category. The People of Determination have been also considered through updating, developing and facilitating their services in its facilities, services centers and projects in accordance with the best international standards and experiences, being inspired by believing in the vision of Dubai government to transfer the Emirate of Dubai to a city that is friendly to People of Determination. 

    Below is a summary of facilities and services provided by Children's City to People of Determination: 
    • Employees who are qualified to communicate with sign language in parks and service centers. 
    • People of Determination are exempted from Children City entering fees. 
    • Service of wheelchairs. 
    • Specialized car parking in Children's City parking area. 
    • Integrated toilets which are equipped for People of Determination. 
    • Specially equipped elevators in service centers (low-rise control buttons and support arms). 
    • Providing escalators which are equipped with sidearms along the ladder. 
    • Auto doors to facilitate entry and exit 
    • Braille stories available

        Parks Rules​ & Regulations

        • Café
        • Nursing Room
        • Mothers’ Room
        • Shop
        • Lockers 
        • Toilets
        • Prayer Room

            Contact information:

            • UAE – Dubai - Creek Park - Gate #1
            • Telephone: (+9714) 334 0808
            • Fax: (+9714) 334 1122​
            • Email:
            • P.O.Box: 67


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