​​​Unique application for providing the official geographic addressing system adopted in the Emirates of Dubai, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah & Ras Al Khaimah.

Dubai is the first city in the world to use numbers called "Makani Number" to exactly locating building’s entrance(s).  Simple addressing, consists of 10 digits only (E.g.: 30032 95320) which doesn’t require using names, codes or explaining the location’s direction. Mentioning only numbers for describing location suits multi-nationalities with different languages in the U.A.E.

The application aims to make it easy for all residents and tourists to search, define & locate places and enjoy navigating to desired destinations by using mobiles, tablets, desktop accurately and quickly.

The following features are available in this release & most of them work WITHOUT the need of the INTERNET connection from the second time of usage!

  • Search for Makani numbers & point of interest by voice.
  • Building boundary & its main entrance(s) markers will be highlighted with Makani Number once the user points on a building in the satellite/normal mode through the interactive map.
  • All details of selected place with street level imagery view.
  • Ability to link Makani number with contact on your mobile for direct access & search.
  • Manage your favourite (saved) places in a very simple way.
  • Advanced Search using land number and the traditional addressing system to specify a location & get its Makani Number.
  • Reads QR code in Makani plates & finds all related information.
  • Full featured turn by turn voice guided navigation from current location to the targeted place.
  • Plan route with multi destinations; shows the routes on the map & explains the steps to reach the target site.
  • Share the location of a place with others through different communication channels and social media.
  • English & Arabic interfaces.

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